New Couple Alert: Selena Gomez and Ed Sheeran?

Um yes darlings, this is (possibly) happening. My spies say that Selena Gomez was so sick of “taking care of Justin Bieber like he was her child,” that she’s happily rebounded with Taylor Swift’s tour mate, Ed Sheeran!

selena gomez ed sheeran


Apparently T introduced the unlikely pair over Memorial Day and Sel was smitten with Ed’s charm and British accent, which was somehow cute enough to get her past the fact that he’s pale as a larvae with hair like orange cotton candy.

While I can’t say I see these two together forever, I’m just happy to see her with a dude who doesn’t wear sunglasses indoors or cruise around in leopard printed Lambos, aren’t you?


  1. Alice Said:

    oh god, no. ed sheeran’ just as bad. he just makes better music and has a british accent, but that doesn’t make up to it.

  2. Chiara Gioachin Said:

    yeah, totally better than JB. i’m happy for Sel

  3. Giulia Said:

    OH NO :( I ship Taylor and Ed, they would be the cutest couple!!!!!!

  4. puffs Said:

    Ed Sheeran is hot as hell.

  5. Lexie Said:

    This entire article is fucking mental, completely untrue, and just pathetic. Ed and Selena are NOT dating, they’re friends. Believe it or not, a man and woman CAN hang out together and just be FRIENDS. I highly doubt either one would be too fond of articles being written like this. Regardless of YOUR opinion on Ed, it shouldn’t be made public.

  6. Lara Said:

    You know what is sicker than sexually associating Ed with every god damn girl he meets? its the fact that you got to such low standards that you HAD TO pick on eds looks. This completely sickens me! Ed is a talented singer/song writer and there is absolutely NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT and these are what you sir should be concentrating about when writing articles. Your comments where neither funny nor useful or true. So I would rather you go work on your writing and sense of humor.PS you really need it.

  7. Karrie Said:

    NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is not right at alllllll!!!!!!! I want taylor and ed to be together selena needs to go back with justin

  8. Hannah Said:

    Better than JB. For sure

  9. Bobbysknight Said:

    Calm down, I think she still with Justin bieber but he busy with his recording his ablum and prepairing for the usa leg of his believe world tour. You people like to jump to thing she has said that she done with Justin bieber has she no. You people are jumping to things when it may not be true. That the problems with you gossips site you do not know what is true or not.

  10. me Said:

    Man, they’re just friends. Neither Ed or Selena have said that they’re dating or anything like that. Stop.

  11. Melissa Said:

    What makes me laugh are the comments people leave… Like what. The F are you doing on GOSSIP GIRL if you don’t like the way she writes her articles! Really…
    Anyone is better than JB..

  12. xoxo Said:

    I used to ship jelena and I love justin but yknow what, a girl like Selena deserves a man (and Ed’s more of a man than Justin, we all know it’s true) not some boy.

  13. Shelby Said:

    Personally I find Ed Sheeran attractive, and like many have said before that he has undeniable talent, harsh blow just because he is ginger, and not everyones complexion is tanned. He seems like a really kind, down to earth artist. The same cant be said for Justin bieber, who clearly loves himself to the moon and back. Even still don’t think Selena and Ed would be a match, they are definitely just friends so ‘beliebers’ and ‘jelena’ shipper stress less, it no big deal. Don’t believe everything.

  14. Jess Said:

    anyone who actually believes this garbage the media is feeding you can take this article and shove it up your quivering arsehole
    XOXO, NotGivingAShit

  15. mb4real Said:

    All rumours. Why can two celebrities can’t be friends…. I think that Justin is not out of her life. Her birthday is coming, maybe he is there. Then she date her brother of Wizards, now Ed Sheeran and oh no, she has a dinner with Jaden in London, is she dating him?? Come on… rumours…

  16. Shauni Said:

    It’s funny how this is gossip and they all believe it. Gossip is just like rumours. No true but just to keep people talking and busy. And paps need to make money so they would do anything for a killer story and a screaming headline for you fans out there.

  17. Shauni Said:

    And plus, this photo is photo-shopped.

  18. Maggie Said:

    They absolutely DONT look good together Sel deservs a hotter guy and Ed doesnt match with her

  19. Tina Said:

    Just because they hang out doesn’t mean they are dating! And I’m pretty sure Justin’s leopard printed car is an Audi,which just goes to show that you don’t fact check what you write. I suppose you are trying to be a proper gg just like in the series but you being mean like that is not cool in real life! Ed seems like one of the sweetes ppl in the biz nowadays and he is perfect in his very own, amazing way. You being mean like that won’t get you extra reads. Anyway, rant over, just MY opinion. :)

  20. Miss N Said:

    Really, GG? Now you disappointed me, I thought you were more clever than this! We’ll see Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran together more quickly than Selena with him…

  21. Gossip Girl Said:

    S. and E.? What does J. have to say about this one?

    Gossip Girl

  22. Brionna Said:

    No offense to Selena, I mean I love her but she’s just going to ruin Ed Sheeran. I mean look at what happened to Justin Bieber after they broke up>

  23. funfunfun Said:

    Ed is too good for Selena’s flashy life.. Just another disney princess?

  24. catindu68 Said:

    i just wanna say that she need him but he don’t need her….

  25. kekettedu69 Said:

    You cunt

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  27. Gló Said:

    She was with that little stupid boy… I don’t like her at all xD but they’re young, so let them be xD

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