Selena Gomez’s First Legal Drink Was _____!

Forget celebratory champagne or girlie cocktails to ring in her 21st birthday… Selena Gomez decided to go hard when she chose her first legal alcohol bevvy:

The “Come & Get It” singer revealed her first drink of the night was a shot of Jack Daniels whiskey. And when asked how many she had, she confessed she couldn’t remember, admitting to being a little hungover, but stressing “it was fun.”

Her real birthday party is this weekend and it will be gypsy-themed. What exactly does that entail? “Little skirts,” “henna tattoos,” and “belly dancers,” she explained. And the guys at the party… what will they wear? “Maybe they’ll dress like Aladdin or something,” Sel said. Luckily, if Justin Bieber is in attendance, he already has the perfect pair of pants…

justin bieber and aladdin

You know you love me. XOXO


  1. anoymous Said:

    did someone say crush i hear joel Nieves has got a little secret but who knows someday it will be to late who is she and where is she hiding!!!

    XOXO gossip girl

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