Love or Loathe: Selena Gomez’s Ultra Racy Dress!

At last night’s Flaunt magazine party for Selena Gomez’s new cover, I was so distracted by Bella Thorne’s ridiculous clown costume that I nearly missed the girl of the hour herself!

Not that she was easy to overlook in a plunging Cushnie et Ochs dress and vampy makeup:

selena gomez


My my my, minions–someone sure is trying to tell us that she’s no longer the Disney darling we fell in love with. While I do admire Sel’s commitment to taking fashion risks, I’m not sure this was the most flattering look for her. I’ve personally never been a fan of cut outs in the torso area–they make even the fittest figures look a little soft–and the gown’s satiny material isn’t the right choice for a knee-length dress.

I might like this look better if the dress had a poufy, shorter skirt, or if Sel had hiked the hemline ever so slightly.

The other problem I have is Selena’s too-dark makeup. She made the same mistake as Lorde, choosing a lipstick so dark it ages you, and her hair isn’t much better–the fishtail looks more like a rat tail. Flowing wavy locks are always my favorite style on Selena.

Notice I didn’t mention anything about her oh-so-daring decolletage? That’s because I quite like Selena’s bosom-baring bodice–she’s got the perfect cup size to rock this dress without it looking skanky.

But what’s your take on Sel’s ultra risque dress? Love the dress, loathe the makeup? Vice versa? Tell me your opinions, minions, you know I love them…XOXO.


  1. em Said:

    I honestly think she looks stunning. Hot!

  2. Gigi Said:

    Well, I really like Selena but this isn’t her best look.

  3. Gabi Said:


  4. Bailey Said:

    Love this!

  5. Regina Said:

    Loathe: unflatters her figure. She can’t pull the punk look off. Too sweet, sorry honey. xx

  6. Canadian Girl Said:

    First off, this is the worst pic I’ve seen of her from this event. Most of the others were much more flattering angles.
    Second, the braid toned down the sexiness of the ensemble. Big flowing locks would have changed the look from sexy to skanky.
    And lastly, her make up looks gorgeous! I agree with you that dark lipstick looks awful on thin lips; however Selena has the full pout to pull off the look.

  7. reana Said:

    Everything looks fine to me except the dress would’ve looked better shorter n the hair..would have looked better if she left it open

  8. Amy Said:

    I have to disagree with everything you said, except the Lorde comment. However I feel that Selena can pull it off because she’s not as pale as Lorde.
    Selena has a face and figure that can work in universal styles.
    The focus is on whether or not she looks good, not what could have looked better.
    Anyone scrutinizing this more than necessary is obviously overcritical of things that have nothing to do with them.

  9. ashbash Said:

    Right don’t even start me !! Her hairs a riot !! So tacky its unreal woulda been better with a high bun or down with loose curls , her makeups ok but she looks a lot different & better when she’s being herself and not trying to be others , and the out fit OMFG WHY ????? She has such a beautiful figure and this does absolutley nothing for her she looks chunkyy & let’s be honest her boobs aren’t her best assets ! Worst look ever #LOATHE

  10. Tuta Said:

    Shes definitely trying to see how hard she can push her limits.

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  11. charlie Said:

    She is flawless. anytime. that’s all i’ve got to say.

  12. scottishgirlxo Said:

    I think she looks alot older than she actually is but i think its to do with the make up! I like her dress but i think it would have looked better if it was just a tad shorter and if it kind of puffed out a little! And her hair looks lovely and i think it looks elegant but to rock off her look she should have waves then that maybe might actually make her look her actual age so im a loathe xoxo

  13. Caterina Said:

    I love her dress. She looks pretty. I think her makeup is a bit too dark but hey u rock Selena :)

  14. Laura Said:

    I think the makeup finally makes her look her age! (or a little older). to me she always has a baby face and i’m glad she finally looks older here.

  15. Hershey99 Said:

    Shes getting HOTTER everyday!!

  16. Is Said:

    I agree with the awkward length comment. It should’ve been a bit shorter. Knee length is never attractive. Ever. And while I’m not sure about the triangle cut out, the dress is otherwise fine. I also agree with the fishtail comment–a simple side pony would’ve worked better. As well as the dark makeup comment. A deep red would’ve set everything off nicely.

  17. sophia Said:

    The dress is so not her and rhe make up is vampy she needs a totaly new outfit

  18. ✔ THE LADY ✔ Said:

    What is up with the length? Also, where it kind of reveals her stuff, it’s not in the right place. She isn’t really making it look good. The dress kind of wears her.

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