Video: Selena Gomez Goes on a Serious Search

Selena Gomez might have had to endure all those stories about Justin Bieber and brothels and girls he’s (allegedly!) sleeping with, but there’s now a video of her going around that’s bound to have the Biebs feeling a little jeally…

Selena Gomez: ‘Searching’ ‘Flaunt’ Video

In a new short film for Flaunt magazine titled “Searching,” Sel gets to romp around in bed with a shirtless guy (take that, Bieber!). But just as things are getting heated and I don’t want to take my eyes off his hot bod, he’s gone. [Insert sad face here.] But it looks like Sel is on a mission to find him. So she sets out with a picture. First, she passes a woman who looks suspiciously like her who is wearing a plague doctor mask (NBD…)

Quick wardrobe change and Sel is showing a stranger the pic in hopes of finding who she’s looking for. He shakes his head no. Will she ever find him? The suspense is killing me!

After another wardrobe change and another passerby who hasn’t seen her missing person, both Sel and I are starting to lose hope. Naturally, she deals with the pain by sporting lingerie and dramatically falling back onto her bed (the same scene I do when I’ve had a bad day…#soulmates). Then we see the picture she’s been showing people the whole time–it wasn’t shirtless man…it was her! With long hair!

Honestly Selena, I too would be going around searching for that. But the bigger question is WHERE IS SHIRTLESS HOTTIE? XOXO


  1. Olivia Said:

    I don’t think she can pull this off. To me, this is what Selena would look like if she was a drugged up stripper. It’s not flattering to her face. She looks better with the long hair.

  2. RiRi Said:

    He’s had short hair before and she did not just pull it off, SHE ROCKED IT!

  3. Anon XOXO Said:

    This was the most confusing and annoying short films ever. She looked horrible with short hair, as well. Why does everyone think she is miss PERFECT? It’s so old. It’s so 2010, pre-Bieber, pre-21 year old Selena.

  4. beca Said:

    she cut her hair?

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