Hot Mess: Selena Gomez at the Getaway Premiere

Selena Gomez rarely makes a fashion misstep, but I’m afraid this Vera Wang dress she wore at the premiere of her new movie, Getaway, qualifies as a total don’t:

selena gomez


I’m all for mixing prints but this dress is just overkill. Brocade, floral, lace, neon, chinoiserie–OMFG ENOUGH ALREADY. If the purple skirt section had been replaced by simple black silk, maybe this look could’ve been saved. But I’m not a fan of the tulip draping around her hips as it makes even the slimmest starlet look wide and pear-shaped. And while j’adore her lacy Jimmy Choos, they only add to the patterned mess of this outfit.

How would you have edited down this dress to make it something chic instead of confusing?


  1. joblo Said:

    Umm, I think the definition of “hot mess” has to do with females who misbehave or have wardrobe malfunctions while too drunk to care. BTW, Selena looks fine, you fashion fools. I think the fashion “industry” is worse than porn when it comes to degrading women.

  2. LP Said:

    The shape is pretty but I agree that it has way too much going on. And by the way “joblo”, the only people who think the fashion industry is worse than porn DO porn. They just say that so they can feel better about themselves. And with a username like joblo, it sounds to me like your one of those people.

  3. olivia Said:

    all is good except for the purple

  4. Jess Said:

    It comes down to personal opinion. I think she looks great! End of story!

  5. Kati Farkas Said:

    It looks like the fashion department barfed on her. Such a pretty girl, but what an ugly dress!

  6. OMG Said:

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  7. joblo Said:

    LP: The fashion industry makes women feel bad about themselves in order to sell them the “cure” i.e., new fashion. Yes, porn exploits people, but so does migrant farm work, Walmart, the fast food industry, etc., and we enjoy the benefits of their being used: low prices and sexual stimulation. Pick your poison.

  8. CS Said:

    joblo: I completely disagree! Clothes are a great outlet for creativity and personal expression. It can empower you to make a statement without having to say one word. People who feel bad about themselves and blame it on the fashion industry are just looking for an excuse. There are most definitely more underlying problems to their self esteem than clothing stores or their closet.

  9. Van Der Who? Said:

    Looks like somebody’s trying to look more adult. It seems that from the very moment she and Justin broke up she/he manager tries to make her look more like a woman and less like a girl,which is what they’ve been so hard trying. Just try to wear not only clothes for grown ups but pretty too. Good girl!–errr,woman I meant.

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