Cute or Ew: Selena Gomez’s Instagram

When I hear the word “brave” I think of soldiers, doctors, pre-school teachers and anyone who tries to make an enemy out of me. But Selena Gomez? No darlings, I do not think of her as particularly brave. Although, sleeping with Justin Bieber does require a degree of fearlessness, I suppose.

In any case, Sel very much does think she’s a pillar of┬ácourage, at least according to her Instagram snap.


Can’t read that caption? It says Soy valiente–“I’m brave” in Spanish.

This is the second time in as many months that Sel posted a bikini pic with a self-congratulatory caption. I really do like Selena, but every hour she keeps Justin in her life, I lose more respect for her. I realize that first love is a spell that’s hard to break, but come on ┬áSelena. You can do so much better! Put all that courage into action and leave him, pretty please?

While I wait for Selena to wise up, let me hear your thoughts on SG’s latest self-compliment. Do more ladies need to follow her lead and boast about themselves? Or is it ultra annoying when celebs compliment themselves on social media? After all, isn’t that was their legions of fans are for…?


  1. johana anzora Said:

    i do agree with you. she needs to move on she has so much potential still that hast been shown. Shes an example to many young women. how many strikes will it take for her to see it?

  2. ohlala Said:

    she is not brave, valiente or anything! she just doesn’t know what to do with her life and that’s why she’s with justin. he’s only gonna give her problems…

  3. ex-gomez fan Said:

    pretty soon she’s gonna lose all her fans because they’ll see just how weak she is always crawling back to justin. get your shit together selena. i’d really hate to see a fellow Dallas homegirl screw up her potential and future

  4. Cheyenne Said:

    Honestly? It’s a picture with a cute caption. It’s not a big deal. Girls do it all the time. It’s not worth an article. Better things to be writing about.

  5. Hanny Said:

    Super EW. I really love Justin, but that story gets boring. What the hell is wrong with you Selena? You’re so pretty and your fans think you’re a strong independent woman, weird considering that you go back with justin like a hundred times.

  6. Anonymous Said:

    Give her a break ….yeah shes beaten the wrong path but hey we all do have a grey hair…and she ‘s much better off than her other disney counterparts.
    And all celebs love some self-seducing..;)

  7. Anonymus Said:

    What do you care if she goes back to Justin? She fucking loves him it’s not a teenage crush .And you are a weak bitch who hides behind a website and hates on celebrities you stupid no-lifer

  8. Justine Lilith No Said:

    To anonymous: Hello dummy! Thank you for your huge revelation! Without you, I and the rest of the wold would never have understood what “gossip girl” was meant for.

  9. K Said:

    Why isn’t a girl allowed to like herself or be proud of herself? Maybe she’s had some troubles with self-acceptance in the past so she’s proud of the fact that she’s overcoming it? Yes, you can say she is stupid for going back to JB, he is a hateful guy. But you shouldn’t use that information to help judge you on every aspect of her life.

  10. anonymous Said:

    Just give her a break,only selena can know who’s good or bad 4 her and when she has had enough of him she will dump justin 4 gud,stop judging and focus on your f**ken boring life!

  11. Mimi Said:

    SG is a total hottie, we know. So true about the JB reference. I’d never get within 20 feet of that boy if I was in her condition.

  12. Juliana Said:

    I’m 26 years old. I couldn’t tell you how many guys I’ve crawled back to in my teens/early twenties just because I was young and “in love”. Give her a break! Everyone goes through this at her age. She will eventually find and fall for a great guy because she is a sweetheart.

  13. Knucklecheese Said:

    Who is this and why do we care?

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