Cute or Ew: Selena Gomez’s Instagram Post About Justin Bieber

I think that Selena Gomez is spending a little too much time with her ex-obsessed BFF, Taylor Swift. ┬áI’m not sure how else to explain her most recent Instagram post…

selena gomez


Unless my minions have seriously missed something, Sel’s post seems to be a reference to Justin Bieber’s skirt-chasing spree. And if that is indeed true, then Selena is in serious need of an It Girl intervention.

When one breaks up with her boyfriend, especially if said BF weighs 120 pounds and makes sparrow face in all of his selfies, then her only recourse is to pretend that he no longer exists, she never thinks of him and, most importantly, never EVER allude to him on social media. Because as sneaky and cryptic as you may think you’re being, everyone else can clearly see that you’re referencing That Ex…who is totally over you.

So for Sel’s sake, I hope that this Latina quip was rando song lyric or some other innocuous reference…because if it isn’t, then Justin just officially won this break up…XOXO.


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  1. olivia Said:

    i agree with gg

  2. Emily Said:

    You know everything she says isn’t necessarily about Justin, right?

  3. Rubi Said:

    You do realize it says #hatewhengirlssaythat…

  4. Carolina Said:

    I think the “#hatewhengirlssaythat” was about the no make up tag, so…

  5. jay Said:

    why does everyone assume everything she says is about justin bieber!!!

  6. Liv Said:

    It’s pretty obvious it wasn’t about him but I guess you have nothing to report so you made this one up, right?

  7. Kelly Said:

    Damn!! Not everyone’s word revolves around bieber…. Wtf. Let her be in peace already now c’mon and stop assuming things. Now that’s pathetic.

  8. Becky Said:

    I thought that the #IHateWhenGirlsSayThat was about “I thought he only chases Latinas.” But even if it is, shes basically saying that girls should stop saying that about bieber.. Maybe shes coming to his defense? Did you ever think of that? Of course not. Why would you?

  9. Kemuel Farmer Said:

    Dear Selena and Taylor,


  10. Emmy Said:

    Uhmm to you idiots saying this wasn’t about Justin, it was. She took this “selfie” was taken shortly after Justin took a selfie with Calin Russo. So shut up, she’s shaded him all year.

  11. rvoeks Said:

    I’d mount her.

  12. klepp0906 Said:

    honey, he doenst know what he likes. he’s a kid and so are you. you deserve much MUCH better anyhow. you seem like a sweet girl and the kid is going to take a very very very very very long time to grow up, and even longer to commit or even make an honest attempt at monogamy. Id holler at you but I don’t have 8 figures, not even 6.. actually now that I think of it, not even 5 LOL. So that’s that! :)

  13. bailey Said:

    Trust me selena he doesn’t have a life! He’s just a little boy who finally grew a hideous mustache! :)

  14. Willie Fistergash Said:

    She just needs to join the Dick of the Month Club like Taylor Swift.

  15. RainaBelle Said:

    Who cares?she is just jealous he moved on can she please get a life meaning star in a movie or a show or something she is fading away on the tv screen

  16. Aussie Said:

    Can’t believe I just read this smh….

  17. Psalm Said:

    it says #hatewhengirlssaythat -__-

  18. Honest_truth Said:

    since when is it wrong for a girl to post about theyre ex? EVERY GIRL DOES THAT AT ONE POINT IN THEYRE LIFE! C’mon grow up. her and boobs got in a argument bout him going to rehab, few days later hes with a new broad. id post something too. hes pushing away the people that actually care. Gomez cares, hes gonna realize he fucked up soon enough, and he’ll realize how immature and dumb hes being. that’s life, that’s a teenager for you. Time heals all wounds. just shut up and give it time

  19. lee Said:

    Smh.. Y’all here talking about justin and selena when they’re still friends enjoying themselves together (as friends)… I’m a friend of them both, do I should know.. Y’all need to stop with the negativity and hatred for each other…all the media does is highlight negativity.. If selena posted ” getting my hair done” the media will make it seems like she refered it to stop following the media and start living your own life…

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