Selena Gomez Deletes Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and the Jenner Girls on Instagram!

Going on an unfollowing spree can be one of the most liberating things an It Girl can do. Why is my boarding school field hockey goalie really still relevant to my life?? But when I see another It Girl like Selena Gomez unfollowing her supposed pals like Taylor Swift, Kylie and Kendall Jenner and supposed on-again boyfriend Justin Bieber on Instagram, this is more than just the usual culling of the social media herd.

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Just days after one of the minions I dispatched to Coachella (as if I’d be caught dead there myself, shudder) spotted Sel partying it up with Kendall and Ky, I’m seeing reports that she suddenly unfollowed the girls and deleted all of their pictures from her Instagram! Could one of the Kardashian clan starlets have cast a flirty glance in Jussy’s direction and ruffled Sel’s feathers?



But clearly, this couldn’t be the case with dear sweet Taylor! No, most likely this is the continuation of their fall-out that started months ago when Taylor made it clear that she hated Justin with the fire of a thousand suns. But if you ask me, Selena needs a strong (and sane) girl in her corner who isn’t going to enable her Bieber brainwashing.

Taylor Swift out shopping in NYC


So then what about Jussy himself? Not that I’d blame anyone for blocking him on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/life, but it does seem fishy considering they were all loved up just 48 hours earlier.

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Tell me minions, what do you think is going on in Sel’s social media mind? Is she going overboard with the deletions or is she right to rid these people from her life?


  1. Nicole Said:

    Why is it automatically assumed she did this maliciously or to “rid” herself of these people? Couldn’t it be her way of protecting her private life and that of her close friends?! Perhaps she values these relationships and wants to keep them just that…private. I wish society would stop trying to put a negative spin on EVERYTHING, pinning people against one another, and feeding off of misfortune or drama…moving along…

  2. Katia Said:

    I think she’s probably going through a little PMS at the mome., I mean it’s definitely a good thing she’s getting rid of J.B, I’m just hoping this time it’s forever. She kind of reminds me of twelvies that can’t get over a two week relationship. She’s way too good for J.B and I hope she’s finally realised it. As for Taylor, I bet she proposed a duet comprising of J.B and Sel’s lost love, and I can understand why that didn’t end well. And as for Kendall and Ky, isn’t it obvious? #talentlesshacks

  3. reana Said:

    She’s unfollowed everyone. ….she’s not following anybody. ..hacked?

  4. Noway Said:

    Either way, its none of our business.
    I honestly couldn’t care less what these people do. Sure, they may have talent, I wont deny that, but stalking someone to the point where you check who and who they don’t follow?
    That’s just creepy on a whole new level.

    And the nicknames? “Sel”, “Ky”, “Jussy” ?
    What is that? Are you 12 years old?

    Gossip Girl is dead. And so should this blog be.

  5. PERSON92 Said:

    I agree this blog should be dead but you can delete people from anywhere and still be good friends the only reason anybody on this blog has a job is because there is celebrities and the do one thing that catches your eye and you jump at the chance to make someone look bad. NEWS FLASH PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE GET A LIFE.

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