Selena Gomez Prepares New Music Video…and it Screams Justin Bieber

Ryan Seacrest just totally blew up Selena Gomez’s spot! The Idol host/radio host/television producer/Kardashian pimp/property of E! network spilled the beans on his “On the Air with Ryan Seacrest” radio show, name-dropping saying, “I saw Selena the other night, and she’s got a big new song coming out and a really cool video.”

Do continue, Ryan.


“The video will get people talking about whether or not it is about she and Justin, that’s for sure! I watched it, and I looked at her and listened to the lyrics and I was like, ‘Okay. This is gonna have people talking!'”

But will it get people listening? It’s been pretty radio silent from Selena since last August, when she dropped “Slow Down” (which totally flopped). Even if it stirs up a little controversy, it’s probably not the worst idea for S to get our curiosity piqued. Rumors = downloads, right?


No word yet from Selena’s camp on the release date of the song and video, but my minions will keep refreshing Selena’s Twitter feed until there is. As for me, I’ve got my eyes and spies on S and J to see if there are any more sightings of the couple in denial this weekend. Coachella, Los Angeles, New York, Miami? Wherever you lovebirds are, you can’t hide from me…… XOXO


  1. lila Said:

    You are wrong, Slow Down didn’t totally flopped. It is certified Platinum and peaked at #7 on pop radio.

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