Is Selena Gomez Visiting Justin Bieber in Norway?

Perhaps this whole single thing isn’t as enjoyable as Selena Gomez is making it out to be. My spies caught her on a flight from LA to Oslo, Norway — coincidentally where her ex Justin Bieber is for his world tour right now. Her flight touched down shortly before he took the stage for his concert last night.

There’s been no word on why exactly she’s there, but whispers are going around that the the two of them will be meeting up. During a brief stop in the states last month, JB paid a little visit to Sel’s house before returning back to Europe for his tour. So perhaps they both want seconds??

If this is really a booty call reunion, like we’re all speculating, I’m pretty impressed. The beauty must really want her beat if she’s willing to hop on a plane and travel internationally. The heart wants what it wants I guess. And I don’t think it’s aching for airline pretzels….

Do you think these two will get back together or is it all just a big coincidence? Share your theories in a comment below. XOXO

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  1. Naima Said:

    Ohhh justin babe’ you can do so much Betta,I mean No offence Gomez

  2. Ashley Said:

    I don’t want them to get back togather Justin can get someone better than her.!

  3. Caroline Said:

    Excuse me people but its Selena that can do so much better!! Justin is stuck up, rude and a flirt!!! Who wants a boy like that?!

  4. Celine Said:

    They’re perfect together. They should both do what makes them happy and those two are making eachother happy!! So yes they belong together! I’d prefer to see Justin with Selena than with anybody else. She keeps him grounded!

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