Selena Gomez “Flipped Out” Over Kylie Jenner Texts to Justin Bieber!

If only Justin Bieber deleted text messages like Selena Gomez deletes friends, we wouldn’t be in this mess, now would we?

The truth behind Sel’s Instagram friend purge and feud between the Jenner sisters has finally come out… I hear the “Come & Get It” singer went ballistic after finding racy texts from Kylie Jenner on Jussy’s phone.

An insider tattled to RadarOnline that, “Selena flipped out and there was a huge fight between the girls. She now wants nothing to do with Kylie or [her sister] Kendall.” The source then added, “Selena was also furious at Justin. They’re not together right now.”

They better not be. I’m actually really happy this happened, darlings. If it takes a hurt heart to get Sel away from the tiny terror that is JB, then so be it. Looking into my Swarovski crystal ball, if she had stayed with him (as we were all fearing), her downfall would have been next. Instead, I see success and happiness in her future. And a boyfriend a lot hotter and manlier than JB (seriously… what did she see in him anyway?)

The beauty of breakups is that you never know what is around the corner. Let’s just hope her new love will be peeking out with a dozen red roses–because that’s what she deserves.

And another thing? Shame on you, Kylie Jenner. Everyone knows BFFs’ BFs are off limits–I’d insult you by calling it tacky, but I’m not sure if you really know what that means, judging by the outfits you continue to insist on wearing. XOXO

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  1. Jessica Brittle Said:

    To be honest I couldn’t give a damn about Selena’s feelings, if this is true, Kylie is underage and exchanging racy texts with Justin Bieber who is legal, surely that’s the bigger issue here?

  2. SunkissedCrimsonMiss02 Said:

    Right on, Jessica. Another thing, why is Selena hanging out with teenagers when she’s 21. On the other hand, why is she hanging out with Orly B? Dear Selena, please find friends your own age. You have so many opportunities to create amazing things. Don’t waste your time on those who won’t support you in a healthy lifestyle.

  3. Jasmine Said:

    To be honest , its childish how girls go after guys who are taken !! Justin is not the right guy for Selena & she should have noticed it after all the break-ups & his behaviors . It pisses me off that he treats her like that because she is a talented , beautiful , young girl who keeps getting her heart broken by this jerk ! She’s going to find someone else way better then him & to Kylie , I actually looked up to her & to know that she’s doing this makes me want to hate her . We make mistakes tho

  4. Jenn Said:

    I am so over every Jenner/Kardashian. They’re parasites. I’ve always been on Team Selena since her initial break-up with JB. Can they just be 100% DONE already?! The only thing he is going to bring her is her downfall.

  5. Sarah Said:

    Age isn’t really the issue when it comes to friends. I have older friends who are really supportive, as well as younger friends. Kylie isn’t a stupid girl and should’ve known better. It’s alot worse when it’s in the tabloids. Imagine how you’d feel if it was your life and this happened to you. Also, we don’t know what JB said back to Kylie, what’s to say he didn’t start the whole thing? or he brushed he off? Having friends of random age isn’t the issue, flirting with someone of legal age is.

  6. Candice Said:

    Selena and JB is falling down, Jenner girls no need to have them as friends or BF for that matter. Selena is just out-of-rehab. Both Kylie and Kendall are drop dead gorgeous

  7. Haylee Said:

    Of course Kylie who is underage shouldn’t be sending “racy” texts with someone who is of legal age, that’s obvious. But the fact that Kylie is supposed to be such good friends with Selena and she does it that horrible. She should know all the messy baggage that Selena and JB have, and she shouldn’t be making it worse. Selena needs to finally cut string with JB and get him out of her life, but Kylie is making things much worse for everyone. Selena doesn’t need this negativity and drama right now.

  8. mari j Said:

    if your love is worth fighting for,push to the end,but if its not,let go,it was neva yours..

  9. Robert lambert Said:

    Needs man not a little boy that thinks his all that; serious relationship with a man with owen age her level

  10. L.A. Roger (TM) Said:

    Selena is smart. She will do the right things. I wish her the best.

  11. Roger Diaz Said:

    Selena Stop Wasting your time with justin Beverler its his lost and continui with your movies, and singing correre and studies you’ll a beather guy then him. do not fowllow wrong path!!! your young bitching ass actriz, and singer all the little girls look up to you. if you need friend i’ll be there for you or shoulder to cry i’ll be there you. your also the hero of nest and newphew who live san antonio,tx, also the hero of other nest and newphew in cali i’ll glandy be your Father Figure& Friend

  12. dre Said:

    sounds like what kim did to amber rose wit Kanye…

  13. Elizabeth Said:

    You know what I’m glad Selena Gomez deleted Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Also I’m glad she’s not with Justin Bieber at this time being. Justin,Kendall,and Kylie couldn’t be trusted as much as I love Kendall. Kendall didn’t seem like a good friend to Selena. Selena needs friends that are more mature and not immature. Selena doesn’t need Justin in her life he’s a complete idiot anyways that’s why nobody cares about him in the country or in Canada as what I’ve heard.

  14. Leanne Said:

    Sick of the trashy jenners and kardashians. Can they just disappear for good? They have no class whatsoever and look for any chance at attention they can get. Selena on the other hand is classy, mature and talented. She is way too good to be hanging out with that trash family. A smart girl like her shouldn’t even put up with Justin after all he’s done to her and I hope she finds someone who is worth it. TEAM SEL

  15. Grecia Said:

    I think that the worst part of all this is that the Jenner girls tried to make Selena look like an alcoholic party girl without control when it’s their fault this whole mess is happening. How tacky can they be?
    And seriously Kylie: SHAME ON YOU! (even though I’m not surprised she did that…)

  16. Sarah Said:

    Oh my god, can you please stop making up this shit? You don´t know that this is true until either Selena or Justin, Kylie or Kendall admits something, this is total bullshit. Poor Selena, all everybody does is to hate on the person who is perfect for her, and telling her to leave him. None of you know if they even fight? Maybe they´re in a happy relationship behind the cameras? You are so fu*king dumb and you don´t know anything about this, and you´re trying to destroy Justins carriere so fu** u

  17. Sarah Louise Said:


  18. Nida Said:

    I don’t give a fuckk about selena!!the would never get a guy like justin!!justin is every girls prince charming,selena u don’t deserve him and your underage friends well everything happens for a good reason :) stop fucking everyone’s life and move on you are talented enough to gain fame :)

  19. David Said:

    Selena needs to move on. All this desperate BS makes her look stupid. I’m sorry but an ex is an ex. You only give an ex is one last chance to get their life together and if they screw it up, time to move on. This girl acts like there is no other man that is better for her. What kind of control does he have on her? So, to Selena..grow the hell up, get some imaginary balls and be an independent woman….it will change your life

  20. David Said:

    To you Justin Bieber fans, News flash! That “MAN” cares nothing for you and doesn’t know any of you. Stop treating him like he’s a messiah. Yes. He is human but damn when everyone offers to help you and you act like a spoiled chil, then you need to fall. JB let fame consume him, Selena is going down with him. To me, they’re both toxic to each other and needs to move on. You can say what you want but y’all need to realize He don’t give two shits and French fuck what FANS or HATERS say

  21. Meraj Said:

    She was Justin Bieber’s girlfriend

  22. Katelyn Said:

    I sorry but I’m on #teambieber because I will stand up for justin through everything I’m a belieber and that’s what beliebers do so bieber haters you all need to show justin some respect maybe not as a celebrity but as a human justin is just like you and just like me he’s the same on the inside he’s human so just leve him alone yeah fair enough there’s people out there who hate justin but not being funny never ever ever say that justin dosent care about his fans because he does

  23. Katelyn Said:

    Justin isn’t bringing none down with him yeah he’s done a lot of bad things in the past and yes he can end up hitting rock bottom but you can never ever say that justin dosent care about his fans because he would take a bullet for them he has shown so much respect towards them he has never ever mentioned that he dosent care about them yes he dosent know any of us but he knows how loyal we are to him we all have respect for that boy and just think when you bring justin down ur bringing us down to

  24. Katelyn Said:

    You always have to point the finger at justin it’s always justin bieber did this justin bieber is the reason for this omfg stop this bullshit right now your all just a bunch of bullies you try your hardest to bring justin down and I’m sick to death of this justin had done a lot of stupid shit lately and ye there’s no excuse for it but it dosent give you the right to always be horrible to him all this shit happened when he was sixteen and believe me he was by far innocent!!!!! Pathetic people

  25. Anna Said:

    Team Selena all the waaaaayy

  26. TACHEMURE Said:

    I like!

  27. Nate Said:

    Wrong. She found religion.

  28. Monica Lemons Said:

    So this is stupid. 1. Selena is friends with Jenner sisters because of Hollywood. Age reallt doesnt seem to make a difference there. So we can’t judge her on her choice of friends. 2. She needs to break up with Justin Bieber because he is the typical douchebag. She does deserve better like any woman dating a man like that. People get so wrapped up in celebrity’s lives when their the same as only their lives are public. We dont know them or why they make the decisions. We aren’t their friends.

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