Hot Mess: Selena Gomez

That’s right, Selena Gomez fans–I spied Justin Bieber’s ex looking like…I don’t even know what. For the first time I may just be speechless of a star’s style. Take a peek: CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PIC!

WTF am I even looking at? First, the jorts. I need not impress upon you my loathing for this garment. Secondly, that tacky lace body suit. Just no, Sel. And let’s not forget that bindi on her forehead, when she’s already getting flack for the one she wore at the MTV Movie Awards.

Besides, Gwen Stefani already did this in, like, 1999, darlings–and Ms. Gomez is no Gwen Stefani.



  1. joblo Said:

    She looks fine. Fashion police: is that a real job?

  2. chillin Said:

    dude i really think you should chill out. Selena is a young, beautiful & rich. She can wear whatever the heck she wants. To each his own – she looks fine to me. you should pick on someone like Keisha…now that girl got fashion problems.

  3. eric tornow Said:

    wearing a bindi on selena gomez is not too bad! is becoming a fashion statements! and tell all the hindu people to not too worry about that now bindi is a Jewelry!!

  4. Kate Said:


  5. fizzy Said:

    I think you should really calm down. There’s honestly nothing wrong with this ad she doesn’t have to wear THE best clothes all the damn time.

  6. Aly Said:

    Really GG! She looks fine. And so what if Gwen did it in the 90’s, snapbacks made a comeback, why not this. Give the girl a break.

  7. Creepy Crawly Said:

    She looke just fine to me. I think these critics are about as useful as movie critics. I never agree with them either. Blind and stupid…

  8. Annette Said:

    I usually wouldn’t comment on this type of thing and I’m not really a Selena Gomez Fan, but seriously, there is really nothing wrong with this outfit. Is your job in danger or something and you are making up things to impress your boss or something?

  9. Vane Said:

    Chill out she looks beautiful and hunny those shorts are so in right now.. you know nothing.. just a hater is all you are.

  10. Mariana Said:

    I see nothing wrong with her outfit. Are you kidding me?

  11. Karla Said:

    She looks fine, quit exaggerating! If you want to report fails start with this article.

  12. Emily Said:

    The fuck is wrong with you? NOTHING about this says ‘hot mess.’ So many people rock lace and/or high waisted shorts. Stop looking for someone to pick apart, asshole.

  13. sara Said:

    she looks like she went to Coachella like every other young rich girl

  14. Veronica Said:

    Oh no, this looks bad. I mean I looove selena but honestly girlfriend it was not your day
    Plus its never a good thing when new celebs copy the big stars, do your own thing & be creative thats why your an artist

  15. Sent Said:

    She looks good.. she just needs some implants:(

  16. Mer xoxo Said:

    GG i think this just backed fired on you

  17. Taylor Said:

    The outfit i will admit isn’t her best, but otherwise isn’t quite as dreadful as you say! The real issue is the Bindi and how offensive that is! Her arrogance and ignorance is outrageous! I mean i do love SG like crazy but seriously girl!!? And just because something is becoming ‘fashionable’ and ‘jewelry’ doesn’t mean it isn’t culturally offensive and verging on morally wrong!

    Also GG I’m so with you! The mum jorts HAVE GO TO GO!

  18. Annaliese Said:

    She really doesn’t have the shape to fill out this outfit.Her clothes look like their sagging.What’s with the art on her forehead lol pulling a tyler the creator! An upside down cross would have turned more heads lol

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