Selena Gomez’s Boozy Party Spree in New York

Selena Gomez needs twice as much bra and half as many cocktails. I hear that she’s been on quite the tear around Manhattan, despite that little stint in rehab she’d rather us all forget about. First, I spied her cruising around Brooklyn (gross) on July 9 in a see-through shirt sans bra, which prompted all sort of boob job speculation.

But her lady bits weren’t the only things on display in Williamsburg–so was her penchant for cocktails. Sel was doing some serious sipping on whiskey and cokes with friends but then headed back to Manhattan to hit up the clubs that night.


Nice nip-slip, Sel. A minion of mine caught her at Tao Downtown then club Marquee where she and model Nina Agdal partied hard. One source say Sel “dancing on a banquette for an hour and left around 2 a.m.”

My my darlings, that’s quite a busy day, now isn’t it? Do you think that Selena is rapidly becoming the new Lindsay Lohan? Or is SG right to be hitting the town and hopefully finding a replacement for Justin Bieber?


  1. anonymous Said:

    One. I can fuckin bet even you have partied that hard someday, or atleast are friends with this girl who parties all night every night. Just cause she is a celebrity does not mean she cant act normal.
    Two. I love how Miley is being counted on to have a breakdown while Selena clearly is the one closer to a breakdown.
    Dont get me wrong, I love both these racy fuckers. But just a thought.

  2. taye Said:

    the girl was barely in rehab for a week, of course she’s still drinking. Word on the street is she dabbles in the powder too, but that’s none of my business.

  3. shania Said:

    How dare you compare her to Lindsey Lohan or even accuse her o becoming her she is having fun last time i checked that was a crime… man you magazine editors and paparazzi need to calm down and get a life.

  4. shania Said:

    wasn’t* sorry

  5. Alyssa_233 Said:

    @Shania omfg get a life YOURSELF, so worked up defending someone you don’t know and who’d never even speak to you. Selena is a celebrity, if she doesn’t want people writing about her life she can go work at Walmart and be a nobody.

  6. namelessisbetter Said:

    oh my God, who THE HELL cares.

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