The Real Reason Selena Gomez Went To Rehab…

Admitting that you have a problem is never easy–it took me years to accept the fact that I have an addiction to daily blowouts–but as they say, the truth shall set you free. Alas, Selena Gomez isn’t being very forthcoming in regards to her top-secret rehab stint, so it’s up to me to shed some light on the dirty details.

I hear that Sel checked into Dawn at The Meadows recover center on Jan 5 because she really did have a substance abuse problem, despite what her team is claiming. In fact, Justin Bieber and his crew are apparently scoffing at the rumors that he was a bad influence on her. My friends over at TMZ got the scoop: apparently Sel would smoke as much weed as the boys would, and get wasted on alcohol at parties.

Selena Gomez


Honestly minions, I am taking Sel’s side on this one (I mean, of course I am). If she did go to rehab for substance abuse issues (or whatever else), I don’t blame her in the slightest for coming unglued around Justin. I just hope that whatever anti-JB tips they gave her will work….

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    I wasn’t even aware she went to rehab!

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  4. Jen Said:

    So each time she is with Bieber she is using drugs and alcohol.

  5. Sasha Said:

    I have heard about her in rehab. Like in magazines, and other things.

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