Selena Gomez Reunites With Justin Bieber; Cops Get Called

It looks like Selena Gomez is back to making horrible life choices, starting with the recent reunion involving Justin Bieber. How am I supposed to continue being the president of the #TeamSelena fan club if she’s going to disappoint me like this??

I just got word that Sel has been spotted hanging out with he who shall not be named… yet again. The two were spotted spending a late night out at a Hollywood night club together earlier this week, and just last night, Sel had a raging party at her house that had to be broken up by the police. What, are we in prep school again?

My friends at TMZ were told that JB convinced Sel he’s a changed man so she took him back, but her family is worried for her.

Dear Ms. “I’m taking my power back” Gomez, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be you vs. the world if you stay with the Biebs. After all, everyone knows you can’t save a damsel if she loves her distress. XOXO

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  1. Marie Said:

    Let Selena love who she wants, so lame

  2. Ash Said:

    Loved this post. I love Selena but I hate Justin and can’t stand Miley! I get that Sel has the choice of whom she dates but BadBoyBiebs is definitely as bad as his original haircut. They seem codependent on each other. Bieber has talent but he’s just way too messed up, and I for one definitely don’t want to see him drag Selena down with him.

  3. Yolanda Said:

    Lols….. I dont have words for them its a big disgrace what was she thinking god have mercy on Selena Gomes

  4. mari j Said:

    First,sel and bieber are not even mates,sel,wat are you even thinkimg?he is a bad boy and every body knows that.dnt mess up yourself sel.I’m a big fan,I wouldn’t want to let go because some boy is messing up your love life?think!so many people are disappointed in you.but the choice is yours to make.I believe you are not a know what you want,but be careful!

  5. Nuzhat Said:

    It’s her choice people.give it a rest.and no GG,the whole world is so not against this.bigger percentage of her fans are gonna be happy about this.we love Jelena! <3

  6. Gabi Said:

    OMG. I HATE HATE HATE justin bieber. Stupid Selena. I love her but still…

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