Love or Loathe: Selena Gomez’s Scrunchie

Spotted: Selena Gomez outside the Late Show With David Letterman in an outfit that makes the pop star look more like Selena the Mexican singer in this 90s throwback style:

selena gomez


As you know, I do not care for 90s styles (it’s a decade of fashion I would rather just forget about… shudder!), but I’m not totally hating SG’s look right now. She keeps a crop top outfit classy by pairing it with a conservative skirt, and–


Wait. What is that on her head? Is that…a scrunchie?

selena gomez



I really have no words for such a fashion sin, minions. I agree that Sel can pull off a slew of styles but no one can make this epically dorky style cool again.

Is this one trend you want to see vanish forever? Or do you think SG can single-handedly bring it back? Tell me in a comment below! And if you missed Sel’s performance last night, watch it here!

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  1. Emma Said:

    I think she looks stunning! This trend has been back in Britain for a few months now, and personally I love it. Her legs look great in that skirt too.

  2. C Said:

    It goes with her outfit.

  3. Chrissy Said:

    Sorry love. Scrunchies will never die. Embrace.

  4. ChuckBass'swife Said:

    I love how it looks on her. She can wear anything and look perfect *_*

  5. Bye selena Said:

    I totally hated her clothes, but the scrunchie is fine.

  6. Nikki Said:

    I’m with the others on this one, nothing wrong with scrunchies. They sell them everywhere here in England, and even I wear them. After all, they can be a lot more useful than a regular hair elastic sometimes

  7. Kate Said:

    I personally wear a scrunchie sometimes, doesn’t hurt my head as much as an elastic. So it doesn’t even phase me.

  8. Elle Said:

    Scrunchies are for the shower, not for the viewing of the public eyes.

  9. Bella Said:

    Scrunchies everywhere should be banned and burned. They were and always will be the worst hair accessory ever. Sorry everyone, it’s simply a fact. Embrace it :)

  10. Jessica Said:

    No, no, no, no, NO! Here in Australia – no one would be caught dead in a scrunchie!! Not even kids wear them! Not loving this style at all – the 90’s should be forgotten! :-)

  11. Sasha Said:

    I don’t think the scrunchie should ever be brought back into style but using a plain black one looks good on her. And if i’m honest, she can wear anything and look good. But leave it to her and that’s it.

  12. Lulu Lala Said:

    She is beutiful in everything! *___*

  13. qml Said:

    who. gives. a. flying. fuck.

  14. Annabelle Said:

    I couldn’t care less about the scrunchie, but you call that a conservative skirt? Those slits are going straight up the yin-yang!

  15. christie Said:

    scrunchies in the right colour/design with the right outfit can work!
    and i don’t get how scrunchies are for the shower when they’re in fabric, don’t they get wet???

  16. Oppsie Said:

    its not just her scrunchie that’s bothering me. its basically her outfit. and her.
    sorry not sorry.

  17. sawyer Said:

    Personally her clothes sucks, and her scrunchie??? yep gossip girl, this one’s sure a total NO-NO.

  18. Sarah Said:

    I need to agree.This outfit is big NO.But,I have to say I adore her shoes :)

  19. Ellie Said:

    The Trend of the scrunchie was back this year in January in France,and I personally do not like it!

  20. Fatty McBoobyFarty Said:

    Jeez, well fuck that. I’m a swimming monster queen that poops whenever I have an emotion and I have a robot arm and a wing, but I know that shit is totes out. Oh, and Slutena, in the newspaper I read you were crapping on fans’ lawns. It’s good I’m not a fan! So nananannana come the hell and get to my lawn so I can call the health inspectors on you, hulagan!

  21. Fatty McBoobyFarty Said:

    In the second pic she looks like she was on meth or she was just trying to hide the fact that she crapped on every one of her fans’ lawns. It’s probably both.

  22. Niamh Said:

    Scrunchies are horrific and should never be worn in public.

  23. bev Said:

    Everything about her outfit is outdated.

  24. lillyann Said:

    Heck no Rheu look Horrid. Just sayin What i see

  25. Karen Said:

    I wear scrunchies and they look super cute lol it depends on which hairstyle you wear it with

  26. Your Mother Said:

    “Selena the Mexican singer”? Show your ignorance, why don’t you? Selena Quintanilla was an American singer from Texas, & did not even speak Spanish when she initially started performing. She sang the lyrics phonetically, if you even know what that means. And the music genre is called “Tejano”, not Mexican. You should go away now, ok?

  27. Marie Said:

    Did anybody else spot this scrunchy/plait combo on Robin Thicke’s dancers on the X Factor? … she may have already succeeded in bringing it back.

  28. frida gomez Said:

    sha can wear anything and she will look perfect!!! i love her clothes and the SCRUNCHIE is perfect too!!! ily selena!!

  29. Angel Said:

    I hate her shoes. basically i hate her whole outfit from the waist down. if the skirt went to her ankles it would be ok

  30. Shel Said:

    I love scruchies!

  31. Lalo Said:

    Ok Mr. Gossip Girl … Selena (Quintanilla) was not Mexican, she was American. She did not sing Mexican, she sang Texas-Tejano Music. And I am NOT LIKE TOTALLY HATING ON YOU RIGHT NOW, BECAUSE IT’S SO LIKE NOT TOTALLY THE POINT, YOU KNOW … Selena Gomez looks good on anything, period. And about them scrunchies … well, don’t like them? Don’t wear one. Easy.

  32. Amonni Said:

    you guys are making a big deal out of nothing its just a scrunchie. She looks pretty. This is why I hate TMZ…..

  33. mctoeymcklipper Said:

    @mcboobyfarty…you must be the most unhappy person or oscar the grouch is your best friend.

  34. RJ Said:

    The look here is Thai, not Mexican. Watch “The King and I” and you will see the same out fit. The outfit is simple and elegant (as usual), and she is beautiful in it.

  35. Bill in Lexington Said:

    You are obviously trolling for comments, which makes you “obvious troll” … a faux pas far greater than wearing a scrunchie with an Asian outfit ever could be.

    Geez … you raise the average IQ of any room -even an empty room- by leaving it.

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