Love or Loathe: Selena Gomez’s Pantsuit

Spotted: Selena Gomez at last night’s unite4:humanity event in LA, giggling up a storm with BFF Demi Lovato. Presumably, they were laughing about getting revenge on Miley Cyrus. Or, maybe they were snickering that Sel lost a bet and thus had to wear this outfit:

unite4:good And Variety's unite4:humanity selena gomez


When I first saw her style I didn’t mind it, but the more I look, the more I loathe. Let’s begin at the top, shall we, minions? Firstly, her hair and makeup are tres whateverish. The pantsuit’s drop-waist bodice does nothing for Selena’s figure, making her look like a bedazzled brick. The pants are wrinkly and sloppy and way too long, totally obscuring her shoes. But since they clash anyway, I guess that’s a bit of a good thing.

Overall, this look is matronly and outdated; it reminds me of something you’d see on some aging Palm Beach socialite–not a fresh faced starlet.

Do you have a different outlook on her outfit? Or am I totes correct, as always?

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  1. R Said:

    I think that shape this outfit gives her is no THAAAT bad. But the too part is just ahhhh…… Enough said

  2. AJ Said:

    She’s gorgeous doesn’t matter what she wears.

  3. renee Said:

    I understand what she is trying to do with the look. Wrong material, wrong pattern, wrong length, wrong hair….cute idea tho.

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