Selena Gomez’s Cryptic Selfie: Can You Decore Her Latest Caption?

Time to do a little decoding, darlings. Selena Gomez is becoming better known for her love mistakes and emo Instagrams than for her songs, and I’m afraid that her latest social media post isn’t doing much to help…


Her caption? Behold:

“Class never runs scared. It is sure-footed and confident, and it can handle whatever comes along. Class has a sense of humor. It knows that a good laugh is the best lubricant for oiling the machinery of human relations.”

For once, Sel and I agree. Having class will navigate you effortlessly through a multitude of social situations–except of course those involving Justin Bieber, since he has no class whatsoever and therefore couldn’t possibly appreciate a woman who does.

Perhaps that’s exactly what Sel is trying to tell us all and perhaps this means she’s finally done with JB for good.

Or, maybe she’s trying to say that she’s willing to laugh off all the “rumors” about them because they’re oh so untrue.

What’s your take on SG’s latest deep thought? Does she just need to stop trying to be a philosopher and stick to being a pop star?


  1. Westwickwottie Said:

    She needs to just go away, so annoying and overdramatic

  2. Kallie Said:

    Ugh can she not.

  3. Claire Said:

    Selena is amazing! She is the class in person xoxo

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