Spotted: Serena and Blair Together Again

Serena and Blair Season 6

Photo Credit: Hollywood Life

We last left off with Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) and Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) on bad terms — thanks to Gossip Girl herself. Serena had scanned some of Blair’s diary entries and had them on her laptop before Gossip Girl stole it. GG, who has no problem ruining S and B’s friendship and hurt all of those in B’s life, sends the entries out one at a time. Serena tries to make GG stop, but to her dismay she won’t. The BFFs are now in a huge fight and Serena is on a train out of NYC.

But is that the end of their friendship? Will they reconcile (or duke it out in person?) Now that the cast is filming scenes for Season 6, we have been given a sneak peek on whether or not the girls will get back together in the final season.

In new pictures from the set on August 2, we see Serena and Blair in the same scene, both wearing gorgeous formal cocktail dresses. In the picture above, Serena looks like she could be utterly shocked at something Blair might have said. What do you think it could be? Leave your ideas in a comment!

Check out more pics from the set in the gallery below:

Why, Oh Why?

Blake Lively stands off screen on set with a confused expression on her face. Maybe she's wondering why her character Serena van der Woodsen ever would have betrayed Blair in Season 5.

Photo Credit: Patricia Schlein/ WENN


Leighton Meester looks gorgeous wearing a red Valentino animal-print silk chiffon dress on the night set.

Photo Credit: Patricia Schlein/ WENN

Uber Upset

Blake Lively crosses her arms and Leighton Meester looks discouraged on the set.

Photo Credit: Patricia Schlein/ WENN

Classy Cocktail Look

Blake looks stunning in a black cocktail dress with gold trim.

Photo Credit: Patricia Schlein/ WENN


  1. AnthonyGG Said:

    Oh my God! I hope it is so.. Because I always have loved their friendship! And probably they will be best friends again. As always..

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