Seth Rogen Admits His Man Crush on Townies Co-Star Zac Efron

“He literally has the best body I’ve ever seen…. I couldn’t keep eye contact with him ’cause I kept just, like, reaching out and touching his body like I was seeing some miracle mirage.”- Funny man Seth Rogen talks about his man crush on my man Zac Efron who he’s working with on the new movie Townies. I could not agree more with Seth.

Zac recently appeared on Craig Ferguson’s talk show promoting his new flick At Any Price, giving me a few more reasons to love him including the way he wears a three-piece suit and the fact that he named his dog “Puppy” — one of my favorite words. Sigh…. I know every girl (and apparently guy) loves Zefron, but I just know we’re meant to be. Dearest Zac, next time you’re on the Upper East Side, call me. I’ll worship you more than Seth Rogen ever will.

Watch Zac’s full interview with Craig below to see him talk about running shirtless on the beach (swoon) and that infamous condom-on-the-red-carpet moment (LOL).


  1. Claudia Said:

    Gosh! He is still incredibly hot!!! And cute at the same time!!!

  2. Caspar Said:

    He doesn’t look that great here tbh

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