LOLZ: Seth Rogen describes Zac Efron’s Body and Eyes in SNL Promo

It takes a very confident man to describe, in depth, how sexy Zac Efron’s body and eyes are. Or, in Seth Rogen’s case, a hilariously awkward man. Watch below as Seth delivers the goods at Aidy Bryant’s demand request around the 1:45 mark:

When Aidy asks him to use, “very slow, sexual, descriptive words,” the Neighbors star tries his hardest. “I guess he’s tan, muscular, super toned,” Rogen says, adding, “You get lost in his eyes.”

LOLZ! So true, Seth, so true. And your awkward delivery is simply divine!

I must say, though, Aidy Bryant, filming SNL promos for the first time, really steals the show. Her high energy dancing, jumping and singing had me laughing so loudly in the back seat of my town car that my typically discreet driver actually rolled down the divider to check in on me. (Don’t worry: he’s been let go.)

To my entertainment minion, do be a dear and set my DVR, as I’ll be far too busy spying on playing with Manhattan’s elite on Saturday night to stay in and watch. While you’re at it, make sure to get my tickets for Neighbors opening night. I will need to take a break from my busy schedule to a tan, muscular Zacky will do just fine.

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Zac Efron


Will you be watching Seth on Saturday, darlings, or lining up for tickets to Neighbors to see how accurate Seth’s description of Zac is?

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