WTF Alert: Seventeen Uses Miley’s Photo For Cover Without Her Consent

Oh no they did not! Seventeen magazine reportedly approached Miley Cyrus for the cover of their May 2014 issue, and when the pop star turned them down…she ended up there anyway!

Not taking no for an answer, Seventeen used a stock photo of Miley for the cover image, and captioned it “100% Confident Miley! The Brave Way She’s Winning Over Everyone — Even Her Haters!”


A spokesperson from Seventeen defended the shady move, saying it was just responding to its audience’s needs. “Seventeen readers love Miley Cyrus, and we cover her every chance we get. She ranked high on the March issue’s “Girl Power List.” Our readers asked for more, so we responded as quickly as possible. Miley’s currently on tour promoting Bangerz, so what better time than now to celebrate her and give our readers what they want?”

Oh, darlings. Perhaps a better time to sell magazines with celebrate Miley is when she wants to be celebrated. How ironic that she ranked high on the Girl Power List, as Seventeen has taken away her power to choose her covers.

Such drama!

What do you think, minions? Was Seventeen wrong to use Miley for its cover without her consent?


  1. holly Said:

    Yes they were wrong,I cant believe they didn’t even ask her ,her permission.I am with miley on this one,Its rude and distasteful that they would just take it upon themselves to just use a picture without proper consent! If it was anyone else they would have been slapping a law suit on them in a heartbeat, that’s just how I feel and its my own opinion….

  2. missann Said:

    Of course it’s wrong! I can’t imagine why you’d even ask the question- DUH!

  3. Lilianna Said:

    I’m not a fan of Miley, but I don’t think they should have done that. If she said no, then that means they don’t have the permission, and if they didn’t get the permission, then that means they can’t put her on the cover of the magazine. Simple as that. There shouldn’t have been a question like this because this is the obvious answer that Seventeen magazine shouldn’t have done that even if “the audience was asking for it.”

  4. dan Said:

    Well, they used a stock photo. Miley appears on it, but she doesn’t own it.

  5. Haylee Said:

    I received this magazine in the mail today and immediately thought it looked like a strange cover. It obviously looked like it was a paparazzi picture. Then when I read the “interview” it was less than a page long I thought something was weird. Now I finally know why the cover and interview were so weird. I’m not a fan of Miley, but that is so not okay. She is the one who decides what magazines she does and does not do. Bad move Seventeed, bad move.

  6. Kyrsten Said:

    The cover isn’t bad. It’s a head shot of Miley. If they’d let Miley pick the cover she’s be half naked. It’s seventeen magazine not playboy.
    It’s a great thing they didn’t let her pick it. It’s not like it’s a bad photo. They chose what was right for their young readers to see of her. I’m with seventeen on this one.

  7. Allison Said:

    I don’t understand why she was so resistant on being on Seventeen. Seems like fame has gone to Miley’s head. I’m a fan but she’s being stupid, it’s not like the cover picture of her was innapropriate or anything.

  8. mari Said:

    That is messed up because that is like doing something without someones permission i mean would you just let someone put a picture of you on a magazine who knows what picture the are going to choose…

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