Shailene Woodley Disses Twilight!

Cover your ears, Twihards. It seems as though Divergent‘s Shailene Woodley was not impressed with that whole Edward and Bella relationship thing going on.

Twilight, I’m sorry, is about a very unhealthy, toxic relationship,” she told Teen Vogue for their April issue. “She falls in love with this guy and the second he leaves her, her life is over and she’s going to kill herself! What message are we sending to young people? That is not going to help this world evolve.”

She also tried to differentiate herself from Kristen Stewart. Tried is the keyword, dolls. “I’ve never even hooked up with anybody I’ve worked on a movie with,” she claimed. So no K.Stew and Rob-like romance to help sell the flick? Apparently not. But it doesn’t mean there was never something. She hint that she hooked up with a co-star after wrapping one of her projects.

I think that means it’s time for a little game, darlings! Which of her sexy male leads do you think Shai celebrated filming with? Could it be the obvious choice Theo James? Maybe someone from The Secret Life of The American Teenager? Or do you have another idea? Leave your theories in a comment below! XOXO

Shailene Woodley disses Twilight


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  1. Amy Said:

    I think she’s right about Twilight, it’s super unhealthy

  2. Nikki Said:

    I’ve never liked the whole Bela Edward thing, Renesmee and Jacob made it worse. The only character I was actually interested in was Alice.

  3. Gaby Said:

    The fact that she said Bella tries to kill herself shows that she hasn’t even bothered to read the books so she’s talking about something she has no knowledge about. Bella never tries to kill herself, yes she has wreckless behavior and while that may be unhealthy it is a very natural reaction after a hard breakup. She thought Edward was the one and wanted to be with him forever and then he leaves without saying goodbye or giving her an explanation, anyone would be devastated.

  4. Gaby Said:

    Also her not hooking up with costars is supposed to make her better than other people? Like good job, want a cookie? I love divergent but her trash talking other fandoms is not bringing anything to the table.

  5. Is Said:

    No, Shae is SPOT on. Twilight is an awful series that promotes domestic abuse. (Whoever ^Gaby might be, they are full of bullshit.) Twilight enforces gender roles–Bella’s quiet, demure femininity and Edward’s hypermasculinity–as well as give thousands of people, young girls especially, that being in an abusive relationship is okay as long as the other person “promises to love you for all eternity.”

    Fun fact: if you look at a guideline to (emotional/mental) abuse, it all shows up in Twilight

  6. Tiffany Said:

    I don’t think it’s smart of her to slam a franchise like that, especially since she’s starring in a new franchise.
    And yeah, she must not have read the books, because Bella never tried to “kill” herself.

  7. LBB Said:

    And she is one to talk about sending messages to young people when she plays the role of a pregnant 15 year old?!? That whole show was messed up making it look like it was okay to be pregnant at that age and mocking Christianity. I haven’t watched her new movie, but I don’t like her as actor anyway.

  8. Eilidh Said:

    I totally agree with her! Everyone is mentioning about bella teying to kill heself, and yeah she didnt do it intentially but she did endanger her life countless times just to see edwards image… And their relationship was messed up! There is at least 15 characteristics of an abusive relationship!

  9. Sarah Said:

    Please. Like Twilight was written to please everyone? Who cares what kind of relationship they had, I’m sure so many other books and movies had much worse in them. I’m sick of everyone panicking about the messages we are sending to the younger generation. It doesn’t need to be so damned censored. Imagine how shit the story would be if their relationship perfect and flawless so as not to badly influence the kids these days. The story was written for the sake of the story itself.

  10. Hope Said:

    “I’ve never even hooked up with anybody I’ve worked on a movie with”. I mean, do you even read, GG ? It doesn’t imply that she has hooked up with someone she has worked with after a movie deal, it actually says the exact opposite. Gosh, get your facts straight if you want to be taken at least a bit seriously, please.

  11. Isabella Said:

    Shai is right, i mean,yes we all can be broken after a break-up, but c’mon! I wouldn’t kill myself because a bastard son of a bit*ch left me.
    And i know it for experience. I thought my ex was THE one. Then he left me because of a blonde bimbo girl (she’s really stupid) And yes, i was sad, but i didn’t killed myself for that, did i?
    You have to carry on in this kind of things. There are lots of better men and you can’t let him see you are defeated! Because they will take that as an adventage

  12. phebe Said:

    I agree with her saying twilight is unhealthy, but the fact that she had to add that she has never hooked up with anybody she’s worked with in a movies is doing too much and is kinda rude.

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