Hot Mess: Shailene Woodley at the Divergent Photocall in Madrid

The ONLY acceptable excuse for Shailene Woodley‘s outfit choice for the Divergent photocall in Madrid is if she just rolled out of bed… with Theo James. Even then, I would still be disappointed in her baggy bland sweater and… are those rain boots?! I can’t….

Shailene Woodley 'Divergent' photocall


Yes, it’s true that Shai has been spending lots of evenings lately all glammed up for the red carpet. I’ve even been thrilled with some of her looks. But any It Girl knows that you’ve got to suffer to be beautiful, and taking a “break”–or whatever you call it–from getting photo ready is not acceptable. Suck it up, Shai. Put on a cute top, some heels, and a smile, and give the people what they want: style!

What would you have put Shailene in for this event? A cute short dress? Jeans and Loubs? Let’s play fantasy stylist in the comments below! XOXO

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  1. ShutUp Media Said:

    Seriously, let the girl take a break from fashion. I think she looks great. The fact she can step out in public feeling comfortable and confident in her own skin is not something you should scold. I applaud her and her comfy style. She is a role model and a girl that many young people can look up to. It’s her personality and attitude that matters…not what she wears. Stop the hate!

  2. Nicola Said:

    i actually dont know that girl but i love what shes wearing to that occasion! its not the oscars or the viennese opera ball.. of course some cute accessoires wouldnt have disturbed me at all or had taken so much more time in front of her mirror but nevertheless i would totally call it “photo-ready” and applaud her as well!

  3. Aiden Said:

    Dear ShutUp Media; I’m not usually a person that comments on other people’s comments, but honestly.. That is fucking ridiculous. How the hell is that appropriate attire for an event for a movie she starred in? Can you honestly tell me that you have never felt comfortable in a more glamorous outfit? Because if that’s the fact, you are definitely doing it wrong. That outfit is just plain horrible, and her stylist should know better. But I have a feeling it’s a PR stunt to see how much people care.

  4. Aiden Said:

    Oh, and one more thing. How come she looks like she’s about to go riding? I’ve known girls who dressed like that, and they were literally riding horses.

  5. Ana Said:

    This article is everything that’s wrong with the media. Educate yourself. Shailene Woodley is not a vain person and yet she STILL looks great here. Read Divergent. Tris is too strong to be concerned with “giving the people what they want: style.” While you’re at it, why not post a picture of a healthy actress and then ask everyone who thinks she’s fat. Shaming comfortable women is out. Not sure what angle you’re trying to work, but it’s old news. Unfollowing this site. Hope others do the same.

  6. Alie Said:

    I really don’t like her that much and I have my reasons…she’s not that great of an actress IMO but I’m sure others will disagree but that’s just my opinion..all she’s good at is being upset .. and now you can see that she’s lazy enough to wear that to an event for a movie she starred in…smh

  7. Meaghan Said:

    I just laughed really hard at the horseback riding comment above. So accurate.

  8. Holly Said:

    Honestly? She just wants to be comfy and cute. I thought this outfit was also befitting for her character, Beatrice, in Divergent who was an Abnegation and a Dauntless with her gray sweater (Abnegation), jeans, and black boots (Dauntless). I’m not sure she planned it that way, but it works.

  9. Kat_girl90 Said:

    Dear gossip girl,
    I’m very disappointed with you. First let me explain that I am the
    type of person who is simply obsessed with fashion, style, elegance.
    But I do admire People like Shailene who don’t give a f about what
    What other People might say, although we live in a superficial world.

    Xoxo, Katarina

  10. Getoverit Said:

    She looks fine. It’s not necessary to get in to heals and a cute top just because she’ll be in front of a camera. She’s exhibiting confidence. It’s okay to wear what you want. Get over it! Seriously!

  11. Melaun Said:

    Oh please honey, call the fashion police please!

    Lazy days are wonderful but not to an event? And aren’t rubber boots so kindergarten? I mean maybe if she put on some accessories she wouldn’t look like she rolled out of bed five minute before she went the event. Come on Shailene we can do better! At least you gave us another perfect example of Tris.

  12. Alicia Said:

    Have any of you actually read Divergent? This is pretty accurate of what the factions in the book wear. Anyone think she might be sticking to character for the photocall?

  13. A reader Said:

    She is kinda dressed like her get character at the end of Divergent in the book.

  14. Madison Said:

    Fuck yall

  15. Ok Said:

    No, this isn’t even cute. even someone like Kristen Stewart dressed up for photocalls, and we all know how much she’s known for hating that kind of stuff. also, you can be comfortable in cuter things too, she doesn’t have to wear heels or something uncomfortable to look good. this outfit does not look good, maybe it does, only on a rainy monday in nyc tho. plus, the whole ‘looking like Tris’ excuse can’t work for her everytime she dresses up drab

  16. Mary Doyle Said:

    Actually, her outfit goes with the movie. Whoever you are, your just insecure for yourself, so you make fun of everyone else. shailenes style is up to her, and no one should mess with her. She likes it. I like it. Stop hating.

  17. April Said:

    I don’t see why she has to suck up to everyone else’s standards. Let her dress up as she wants to dress up, it’s her life. And don’t give me the “she’s-in-an-event” argument because I’d wear my pajamas if I wanted to and not care what the rest of the world thinks.

  18. Katie Said:

    So what.

  19. JJ Said:

    Seriously? Just leave her alone. She’s tired and exhausted from all these Divergent movie premieres, how would you feel to always getting dressed up EVERY night looking all nice with dresses. Who cares if she’s wearing a sweater. Just leave her alone, why does she deserve hate when she has done NOTHING to the haters who are commenting crap about her. It’s her life, not yours.

  20. Ariana Said:

    I dont like it even if she had been wearing it on a casual day. I feel its too baggy and does not suit her body shape, also her hair looks like if it was licked by a cow but other than that if she is happy wearing that to an event who the fuck cares? like someone said in another comment if i was her i would’ve gone in my pjs!

  21. Jessica Marie Said:

    one outfit and everyone goes haywire if the girl wants to dress a certain way let her when you read what it says under the picture saying “give the people what they want, style” that pisses me off so its a sweater and boots nothing fancy last time i re-call that is fashion it may not be glamorous but it is a style and fashion SO LEAVE HER ALONE!!!

  22. SMH Said:

    You’d think that people would logically think about why she would dress like that at the photocall. Shailene’s character, Tris, is petite and she would wear those exact clothes as baggy as they are because the faction clothes never fit her. Honestly, would you guys think that she’d not purpoosefully dress like that after all her previous fantastic fashion choices? Read the book then you’d get it before making ignorant comments.

  23. Jeffrey Said:

    Is there any photoshop used for that? Or her head has shrimped or she has gain A LOT of Weight.

  24. None of what you all say matters Said:

    Nothing that any of you say matters. Not one of you is a celebrity or ever will be for that matter. None of your imput will ever matter to a celebrity or anyone else. Why don’t you all spend your time and energy on something that will positively effect this world isntead of fretting over Who wore what. #petty

  25. B Said:

    Dear Gossip Girl,

    So many young women are driven to extremes by ridiculous comments about their appearance such as this…. extremes which include suicide. It is thanks to judgmental morons like you that these beautiful young women are driven to this point. She is stunning and is wearing what is comfortable… get off her back you jealous bitch! And I know your website is for gossip… but this is just plain mean. Completely unnecessary, uninteresting gossip.

  26. Tippy Said:

    @None of what you all say matters: Then what are YOU doing here with your condescending remarks? This is a place for people to make comments, good or bad, so don’t like it, go somewhere else do something “positive.”

  27. K Said:

    Being an actress is her job. Dressing up and looking stylish for these events is part of her job. She needs to suck it up. Normal people don’t show up to their job in a sweatshirt just because they don’t feel like dressing up that day.

  28. Lilianna Said:

    Her face looks oily. I think she put on too much concealer or something. But I think she dressed like that because of Divergent. I haven’t read it, but I heard that Tris doesn’t really care about style and stuff. Although her boots are like horse-riding boots.

  29. R xoxo Said:

    You guys are all just making excuses. She wasn’t trying to dress like her fricken character because no one does that. She just looked bad and that’s all. Maybe she didn’t want to dress up but she at least could have added a necklace and a little less moter oil in the hair. You people can’t make excuses for people decisions in life. She decided to look bad. End if story. There isn’t some made up thing behind it like you think. She’s probably just tired and stupid.

  30. Emma Said:

    No, this wasn’t a good look. Yes, she could have put some more thought into it. But TBH, I wouldn’t call her a hot mess at all. She looks comfy and confident, and that should be applauded. Besides, it’s not the Academy Awards, it’s a minor event. Many celebs are obsessed with their image, I think Shailene was spreading a valuable message to her fans that image isn’t everything. Who knows? She could have had a wardrobe problem and decided to go to the event anyway, because IT DOESN’T MATTER.

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