Love or Loathe: Shailene Woodley

While some awards shows are cheeky and fun, like the VMAs, others, like last night’s Gotham Independent Film Awards in NYC,¬†are dour, pretentious affairs with absolutely zero exciting fashion and an even less interesting gift back, trust.

But between glasses of champagne and inane conversation with Robert De Niro about “his craft” (ugh no one cares) I spied the one interesting thing at the event: Shailene Woodley, or at least her Calvin Klein Collection dress. Observe:

shailene woodley


From afar, I quite liked this flapper-inspired drop-waist dress. But the closer I got, the stranger the gown became. Rather than being crafted from some silky metallic fabric, it was in fact a snakeskin basket weave (??) with strangely fringed edges. And her shoes (and non-existent pedicure, the horror) were just plain unflattering. While her short hair lends itself to a retro wave, she instead merely slicked it back and dashed out of the house without any jewelry or even a fun clutch.

Overall, I’m not liking this look at all. It makes her appear blocky and unbalanced, but what say you, minions? And don’t hold back–you know I never do…XOXO.


  1. Olori Samiat Said:

    The dress isnt dat bad it just made her look matured Dan her age n unbalanced like …. Am falsin myself out n I don’t care wat pple say abt me today…kisses*

  2. Maria Hooper Said:

    I think the top half is great on her. But then I scrolled to the hips and saw the belt? thing? I don’t know and I just dont like the dress at all. I don’t think anyone could have rocked this.
    Maybe if it didn’t have that silver tinsel looking belt, it would look better.

  3. Ana cotlinski Said:

    it remains incredible even without jewelry and no pedicure! her beauty is more than that!

  4. gaby Said:

    I dont think there’s anything horribly wrong but nothing great either, the waist belt tinsel thing throws it off for me. she still looks beautiful as always though!

  5. Gillian Said:

    who cares, she obviously likes it and feels comfortable in it, that’s why she wore it, anyone elses opiinion but her own is irrelevant

  6. Paola Said:

    I didn’t like the dress. You can’t see her figure.

  7. larioo Said:


  8. Sunny :-) Said:

    long as treasure when gibs dinner,,,,,,
    I can not take it anymore

  9. Alyssa Said:

    Doesnt matter, atleast she felt comfortable.

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