WTF Alert: Is Shailene Woodley Homeless?

She may be rich and famous and able to communicate with wood nymphs and sacred moon beams, but Shailene Woodley is lacking one thing most of us all enjoy: a home. The Fault In Our Stars beauty, who’s becoming better known for her weird “be sure to sun your vagina and eat clay”-isms than anything else, admitted to Jimmy Kimmel that not only is she homeless, all of her possessions can fit into a carry-on bag. Take a look…

Shai essentially reveals that all she owns is:

  • 1 pair of jeans
  • 1 hoodie
  • A few tank tops and t-shirts
  • A few leggings
  • 1 computer
  • 1 burn phone given to her by her┬ápress team, with the phone number taped to the back

That right there darlings is my idea of hell. She doesn’t even have the basics, like an ionic curling wand, a Diptyque Baies candle, or the La Mer skin care line! Nor does she have all of her supposedly indispensable homemade lotions and potions and natural deodorant made out of sea mud blessed by a Shaman during a full moon?

And how did she end up homeless? Well she does in fact own a lovely manse in LA but gave it to her grandmother and now couch surfs with friends when she’s in town. I bet she smells great.

What do you think of Shai’s minimalist life? Do you think you could get by on a bag full of basics or is your idea of freedom a walk-in closet with all the Loubs you could ever want?


  1. reana Said:

    Maybe keeps her humble and grouded? Celebrities are weird. ..everyone is weird in their own ways so to each his own!

  2. Kaela Said:

    I’d appreciate it if you learned some religious tolerance being Pagan doesn’t make you any crazier then believing a dead person reanimated and flew up to the heavens and walked on water. Let alone believing the world is just a few thousand years old. It’s nice to see a celeb knowing what is an actual necessity. She has the money for a hotel.. but celebs get these HUGE homes that they don’t need. She’s in touch with reality.

  3. @Kaela Said:

    What does religious tolerance or paganism have to do with anything? Nobody even mentioned that, so what exactly is the point of your whole ‘it isn’t any crazier than…’ spiel? Religion wasn’t even mentioned.

  4. David Said:

    You mean to say she gave her grandma a mansion, but she can’t sleep in a guest room? Having a stable place to sleep is a necessity, ask a doctor. That’s why she looks so horrible in the video, lack of sleep.

  5. Liz Said:

    @the person who replied to Kaela:
    Well, the author of the article pokes fun at Shailene’s beliefs: like communicating with wood nymphs and moon beams and things blessed by a shaman. I think Kaela meant that there are some religions and cultures in the world that do believe in those things, and that it is disrespectful to make fun of their legitimacy, when christianity isn’t any less crazy, when you really think about it.

  6. Mary Said:

    Good for her. If she’s happy not being a slave to her possessions, more power to her!~

  7. Sam Said:

    I don’t believe this. Where did that dress she’s wearing in that video come from? And why can’t she just stay with her grandmother? It’s her house after all. What a fucking weirdo.

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