Love it or Loathe it: Shailene Woodley’s Leather Dress at the MTV Movie Awards

Oh, how I do despise feelings of indecision! Perhaps it’s all the terrible style I’ve witnessed at Coachella and the MTV Movie Awards this past weekend, but I just can’t tell if Shailene Woodley’s Army green dress is hideous or adventurous. The Divergent Diva wore the Balmain dress on the red carpet of the MTV Movie Awards, and showed off her long legs and fit bod in the figure-flattering number.


Shailene, who inexplicably proudly holds her MTV Movie Award popcorn trophy for “Best Character” in Divergent (as Tris) did commit to a luxe leather ensemble (complete with pleats), and her black Jimmy Choo sandals do go perfectly in the tough-girl-gone-runway look. She’s even managed to style her short cut as fabulously as one could, and the amount of exposed midriff does fall into acceptable territory. And how gorgeous is her natural makeup?


I don’t know…. I think I’m leaning toward loving her Balmain look. Have I grown soft? Do I need shock therapy to reset my fashion barometer after surviving a weekend full of fashion don’ts?

Help me decide, darlings. Do we love her dress, or is it a little too Army for the red carpet?


  1. teri Said:

    love it, tfios and divergent standout fashion all the way!

  2. klara Said:

    i really don`t like it

  3. simona Said:

    Love it <3 she looks great

  4. Medea Said:

    Honestly hate it… Wear sth with style, please.

  5. Haley Said:

    this is gorgeous and very in tune with runway fashion right now. it also looks like it could be her signature color, it matches her eyes

  6. Megsie Said:

    As much as i love Shailene, This outfit is a no-no. Something about those pleats gives me nightmares of old ill-fitting school uniforms. I think she would have been much better off in a softer look

  7. Alberto Said:

    It’s BALMAIN, enough said.

  8. adela Said:

    i think its brave and new hardly any of the celebrities make changes i think it speaks out with the exact words of BOLD YET BRAVE its outstanding to see someone making a change in their outfits i mean if i had a dollar for every time a celebrity wore the same thing from the same designer i’d be a millionaire xoxo (:

  9. Ella Said:

    Love the dress, hate the color.

  10. Nancy Said:

    Not appealing.

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