Scene & Heard: Shailene Woodley on Being Yourself

“‘You do you’ is the message I would love to send out to [my fans]. It takes bravery to be you, but once you do it for a little while you realize it’s so much easier than trying to be anyone else.”Shailene Woodley gives some expert advice to her legions of fans, encouraging them to be ultra authentic, even if it may be easier to follow the crowd.

shailene woodley


And if someone like clay-eating, vajayjay sunning, 5-toe shoe wearing Shailene is confident enough to let her freak flag fly, I think you can hoist yours too, n’est ce pas darlings? And she really is right–it’s tres exhausting trying to be someone else; I remember one time I found this whole It Girl thing rather tiresome and tried to be normal. I even shopped at a mall and flew coach! Never again. 

So go forth my dears and be your own woman and–wait. Wait a minute. If everyone took her tips to heart then I wouldn’t have a single minion left in my employ, now would I? Sorry Shai but I’m hoping that not everyone thinks your words are super wise. You know you love me…XOXO.

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