Scene & Heard: Shailene Woodley on Her Dating Rules

“I have zero expectations and zero rules. I’m open. I can’t see it being another actor, except that they understand this lifestyle. Hey I could fall in love with an Aussie and move to Australia. Who knows!”Shailene Woodley dishes to InStyle mag about her love strategy: she has no strategy. Considering Shai makes her own toothpaste and eats clay, I shouldn’t be shocked that she has a rather laissez-faire about love.

shailene woodley


And while I think that being open to falling for a variety of guys is good (unless he wears Crocs) (or polyester) (or lives in Queens) (or listens to country music) I do think that an It Girl needs some rules about the boys she goes for and what she will and won’t accept in a relationship.

For example: If a suitor fails to open my limo door–he’s out. If he mispronounces bruschetta–he’s out. If he brings me a bottle of Prosecco instead of Champagne–he’s so out.

What are your love rules, darlings? Do you think Shai is right to keep a very open mind about her men or do you believe that she needs to draft her perfect boy before she can find him?


  1. Irina Said:

    I think her only rule should simply be: just date Theo James. End of story.

  2. Victoria Lutsiv Said:

    I really think that every girl MUST have relationship rules. She will definitely not find Mr. Right until she make some relationship rules. Because until looking for someone we MUST know who we are looking for, what do we want in the relationship, what things we will excuse and what things not. We need to draw in our mind a perfect person for us, soon after draw a clear picture (only after that) the Mr. Right will appeare in front of us. I wish Shailene the best of luck to find her prince.:)

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