New Couple Alert: Shailene Woodley & Shiloh Fernandez!

Love is in the chilly mountain air for Secret Life star Shailene Woodley. I spied her dancing and making out with Red Riding Hood hottieĀ Shiloh Fernandez at Hyde lounge at Sundance. The pair hit the festival to promote their new movie White Bird in a Blizzard but looks like these two found love in a hopeless place. Any place with Paris Hilton is hopeless, darlings.

Will these two last beyond the release of their new film or is this just a showmance?




  1. ariexoxo Said:

    Hopefully just a showmance. He looks like a wanna be Robert Pattinson.

  2. iheartchuckbass Said:

    She is way too pretty for him!

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