Love or Loathe: Shailene Woodley’s Tuxedo

As you may have noticed, there are very few menswear-inspired outfits that I approve of. All too often they’re ill-fitting, poorly tailored or downright dumpy. But. I was very surprised¬†that Shailene Woodley–who’s more “vagina-tanning Earth mother” than “edgy fashionista”–turned up in just such a look for Cinemacon…

shailene woodley


Hm. There are certain aspects of her look that I love, and some that I don’t. I think her pants are perfectly fit, ditto with the jacket. But I wish she’d added a bright shirt or cami versus the black lace bra underneath the blazer to give the look a bit of pop, and keep this Dolce & Gabbana suit from¬†looking like a giant swatch of satin. While I do enjoy her red shoes that compliment her bold pout, that ankle bracelet has got to go. And the necklace, while pretty, adds nothing.

What’s your opinion on Shai’s structured look? Did she nail the menswear trend or should this style be left to the boys once and for all?

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  1. Anon Said:

    There is no such thing as outfits that should be “left to the boys.” People can express themselves however they choose to and shouldn’t have to deal with someone’s ignorant statements about their choice. Stop trying to put people in boxes.

  2. Renee Said:

    Suit doesn’t photograph well, but I’m sure she looked great in person!

  3. Ally Said:

    I just wish the bold lipstick matched the color of the heels… otherwise she looks flawless

  4. Jessica Said:

    I agree that she needed a different blouse but other then that flawless. Hair & make up are on point and I imagine she was sooo comfortable. 2 thumbs up.

  5. Valerie Said:

    Ankle bracelet, agreed gotta go, more of a statement necklace would have given it all the pop it needed while keeping it classy, my vote: love, with a little editing of course as stated

  6. L Said:

    Ankle bracelet has got to go, but a nice touch with the red shoes, but maybe a shirt under the black blazer to give it a little pop. The necklace doesn’t hurt but not the best choice of accessory. (;

  7. V Said:

    I think that the jacket must improve somehow, maybe getting it more fit because is so big for her to stand out her body. Ankle bracelet is a no, either you wear casual or elegant. Althought she look like Ellen Barkin on the cancelled show The New Normal.

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