[PICS] See Shailene Woodley’s Short Hair

As I reported last week, Shailene Woodley was the next celeb in line to chop off all her hair. No, darlings, she wasn’t inspired by Miley Cyrus or Beyonce to shock all of us with a short crop. Instead, she did it for her new role in The Fault in Our Stars.

Shai went through with the cut this weekend, posting pics to her Twitter account of her chopped long locks (that she’s donating to charity) and a shot of her new bob. To me, she looks a little shocked at what she did, but that’s a given when anyone undergoes such a change, isn’t it?

Do you love or loathe her new look? Tell me in a comment below! XOXO

Shailene Woodley short hair


Shailene-Woodley short hair 2


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  1. marina Said:

    je suis fan de Gossip Girl

  2. Nancy Said:

    OMFG. NOOO!!!
    I was just randomly thinking about Insurgent, AND The Fault In Our Stars. AND THAT SHAI WOULD CUT HER BEAUTIFUL LONG HAIR SHORT. Like nooooo D': Now it’s done.

  3. jane Said:

    Glas that its Not as Short as mileys
    This length is totally okay

  4. David1 Said:

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  5. Rachel Said:

    It doesn’t look bad on her (though I though when she said she was going to ‘chop all her hair off’ it would be shorter!!) and I think she’ll be good in The Fault in our Stars :)

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