Pretty Little Vacation: Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson Visit Maui

Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson are not just BFF on PLL, they’re BFF IRL! The Pretty Little Liars pair lived it up in Maui, Hawaii the past week, and took plenty of Instagram snaps to document their fun/make everyone else super jealous. Shay and Ash lounged on the beach, skateboarded, paddle boarded, took helicopter rides, wore the cutest vacation outfits outside of Paris Fashion week and took an arm-fatiguing amount of selfies while doing so. Documenting their vacay fashion statements was a must, after all.

Shay and Ashley brought their respective Ryan’s along for the trip – Shay’s Ryan Silverstein and Ash’s Ryan Good – and the guys even made it into a few photos. The focus of the trip, though, was stylish BFF’s in paradise…so the men were mere arm candy (as they should be).

Sadly, Lucy Hale and Troian Bellisario were not on this friendship jet set. Lucy has been on the road promoting her Road Between album, while Troian spent time vacationing in Canada (ugh) with her long-distance fiancé Patrick J. Adams. L&T should make it a point to join on the next group trip, though, because it looks like Shay and Ash had the best time ever.

Don’t be too jealous of their trip, dolls: green is a color very few can pull off. Even though you weren’t galavanting around Hawaii like Shay and Ash, you can still celebrate that Pretty Little Liars has been picked up for not one, but two more seasons on ABC Family!

Tell me, darlings, where should the PLL friends vacation next?


  1. Island girl Said:

    Mannnn can you please learn to spell places correctly. It’s Hawaiʻi not Hawaii.

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