Scene & Heard: Shay Mitchell on PLL Catfights

It may seem like four Pretty Little Liars actresses have the potential for some major drama on set, but Shay Mitchell says keep dreaming! Despite rumors of ego clashes and catfights on the set of her hit show, she says she and her PLL costars are tres BFFs.

“People are like ‘Oh my god, do you guys fight?’ There are four girls, and not at all,” Shay insisted. “We couldn’t be more different from one another and yet love each other more. It really is so nice to go to work because it’s like little sister, big sister, middle sister. We all have different interests and different things, so we’re never competing for the same stuff. There’s no jealousy, there’s no fighting, it’s just getting to work with really great girls and that’s all it is so I couldn’t be more happy. There could be drama, of course, but there isn’t.”

Pretty Little Liars

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Do you believe Shay, or do you secretly think she’s covering something up bigger than the secrets on PLL? Tell me in a comment below!


  1. grace Said:


  2. Chantelle Said:

    I believe that she is telling the truth, the girls are AMAZING actors and seem to ‘click’. I love Pretty Little Liars!

  3. Jessica Said:

    Oh so scandalous.

  4. Sara Hart Said:

    Yay! Love PLL no cat fights! They are too pretty and perfect to do anything like that!

  5. Alison Said:

    Well I think the girls are good friends. On there was a rumor that Lucy Hale was getting jealous of Shay’s character Emily. How Emily has all the drama and she got jealous but Shay is saying the girls don’t get jealous so that really makes it a rumor whoever wanted it to be on

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