Hot Mess: Shenae Grimes’ Black Wedding Dress

The bride wore black. And I was the least bit shocked that Shenae Grimes would pick something so tacky to wed Josh Beech since her sartorial decisions of late have been truly disappointing. Aside from the fact that it was designed by Vera Wang, everything was wrong with the halter ballgown from the color (obviously) to the lace appliqué and multi-layered, crushed and honeycomb tulle skirt (ugh.)

And as if the dress wasn’t bad enough, Shenae decided to forgo the typical wedding march and walked down the aisle to house music. I sense that everything about this ceremony and reception was completely opposite of my idea of a classy event. Good thing I wasn’t able to attend.

What do you think about the black wedding dress? Too goth or too gorgeous? (Oh, who am I kidding, no one is going to say the latter….) I’ll look past this travesty of a wedding and give my congrats to the newlyweds. See? My heart isn’t as black as Shenae’s dress. XOXO

shenae grimes wedding dress



  1. Tamara Said:

    Harsh, I like it. Shows her individuality.

  2. What's the problem with that? Said:

    I think that if all wedding ceremonies were to be the same, we would simply have done communal ones to save time. She has the right to do whatever she’s happy with, as long as she doesn’t kill anybody.

  3. Charlie Said:

    its not like she looks bad. but if she is trying to be edgy, she is failing. the only time you ever really need to stay classic and go white is on your wedding.

  4. Mary C Said:

    SJP’s wedding dress was black…

  5. Madeleine Said:

    It’s pretty but not for a wedding! White or blush is a must!

    Xoxo M

  6. Mj Said:

    I actually love Vera Wangs new black collection and Shenae’s dress is the one I wanted for myself, it’s stunning! Personally I feel that it’s something different and unique as which bride would want to look like every other bride? Jessica Biel wore pink so why can’t she wear black?

  7. grace Said:

    Im going to point out the blimming obvious and remind you all that white iis tradional as its supposed to show that the bride is a virgin and “pure” honestly how many girls these days getting married are “untouched”?? So she chose to forgo the traditional white and wore white get the f*** over it, at least shes not pretending shes still a virgin by wearing white, lets face it, thats worse.

  8. Kaity Said:

    So personally I think a woman should be able to wear what ever color dress she wants to wear. However, black is funeral color, and is about the only color that should NEVER be worn by the bride.
    I also think that white is the number one choice. And Okay, Grace, white isn’t just about purity. Yes, it symbolizes purity and virginity, and you are right, there aren’t many women who are virgins still by the time they get married. But White also symbolizes a clean slate, new beginnings and is calssic

  9. Kaity Said:

    And timeless. She looks beautiful in a black dress, and although it is a lot more dressier than something you wear to a funeral, it is still a death color. Which is just wrong for a wedding.

  10. Emma Said:

    I love the black dress… In some countries black is the classic color for a wedding !! She looks awesome in this dress and I’m happy she hasn’t followed the typical occidental wedding.

  11. Lyddie Said:

    Ok, white hasn’t been the traditional color of wedding gowns for very long. It was during Queen Victoria’s reign that it became popular (1800’s). Before that, I believe it was actually blue. Anywho, to each their own. If you want to have a huge gothic wedding and wear a black dress, go for it. But it should look elegant, not this monstrosity she’s wearing.

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  13. Ledya Said:

    I wore a black dress at my wedding and I wouldn’t change a thing. It looked exactly how I imagined and so many people have told me how much they loved it and how memorable it made my wedding day. Even if all i got was criticism i would do it the same again. She looks gorgeous in that outfit, and to sit here and point criticism is petty and sad. Whatever a bride wears on her wedding day his her choice and reflective if who she is- points to her completely for not bowing to societal pressure.

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