Shia LaBeouf Gets Attacked For Being Nosy

Shia LeDouche, er, I mean Shia LaBeouf obviously didn’t go to my Gossip Girl training sesh… if he had, he would have never made the rookie mistake of being caught while capturing someone else’s embarrassing moment on camera. But alas, he did, and managed to cause major drama in the process.

The Transformers star is currently in London filming his new flick Fury, and perhaps he wanted to keep the film’s name as the theme of the evening. So, to test just how furious someone could get, Shia pointed his camera at a young woman who was throwing up on the curb (ew…) She and her friend weren’t too keen on this and told him to leave. Then a passerby noticed the commotion and tried to intervene, but Shia turned the camera on him. Big mistake…

Let’s just say some of the toughest lessons are learned the hard way, and in Shia’s case, the hard way included a strike to the face and kick to the crotch. Better stop with the fights, Shi… you don’t want to be known as the director whose most famous cast is the one on his arm. XOXO

shia labeouf


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