Drool No More: Shia LeBeouf With a Beard and Long Hair

Once upon a time (2007) in a land far, far away (Paramount Studios), my crush on Shia LeBeouf bloomed the second I saw him in Transformers. But tragically, just like the franchise itself, Shia has become bizarre and unappealing. I spied him at last night’s premiere of Lawless looking like he just crawled out of that pit from The Dark Knight Rises–crush over forever.

Why boys think that an excess of facial scruff and greasy hair is appealing baffles me. Would they want us to sport mustaches and oily locks? No, just ask all the men in Russia who have to put up with that on a regular basis.

Do you still find him charming in that crunchy way? Or does he need some manscaping, STAT?

Shia LeBeouf with a beard



  1. fauxamerican Said:

    -repeatedly shuddering-

  2. Stolen1kiss Said:

    Oh oh, see who is trying to look like brad pitt. Shia where is your sens of fashion ? The beard is not anymore in the Fashion list ! Oopsy Dayses for Shia. Shame on you. Copy is not good for a teen trying to be a man. Missed, poor boy !

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