Gallery: Hot Shirtless Celeb Guys

It was a cruel winter in NYC, darlings, but finally the temps are getting higher, and you know what happens when it starts getting warmer–the shirts come off! Today, we celebrate eight guys who have gifted the Internet with quite a view. From Nick Jonas’ totally ripped body (did anyone see that coming?!) to Ian Somerhalder’s artsy and super sexy reflection, this is what selfies were invented for, people!

Take a look at the gallery my minions put together. Then, let’s play a little game… which shirtless hottie takes home the prize in your opinion? Do you want to cuddle up next to Zayn Malik‘s muscles or take a bite out of Taylor Lautner? Tell me who gets you all hot and bothered in a comment below. XOXO

Nick Jonas

Photo Credit: Instagram

Cody Simpson

Photo Credit: Instagram

Ian Somerhalder

Photo Credit: Instagram

Austin Mahone

Photo Credit: Instagram

Jason Derulo

Photo Credit: Instagram

Taylor Lautner

Photo Credit: Instagram

Zayn Malik

Photo Credit: Tumblr

Justin Bieber

Photo Credit: Instagram

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  1. ggada Said:

    I love Easy A ♥♥♥ and ofc Chace and Penn!

  2. jlsvendsen Said:

    Dam, Chase has a lovely frame, but I have to confess, my ovaries still flutter more for Ed!

  3. hopperc4 Said:

    They are all cute except for Beieber. I don’t really think that he is crazy atractive like Taylor Laughtner. But I must say, his abs do look nice. :)

    XOXO Hopperc4

  4. M Said:

    Zac Efron, Chace Crawford, Kellen Lutz <3 <3 boilling
    XOXO, M

  5. jessica ribeiro Said:

    zac efron e chace crawford.

  6. Anne-Laure Said:

    Ian. Ian aaaaaall the way.

  7. Daniela Said:

    Cody Simpson definitely has the best abs along with nick Jonas❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. micaela Said:

    deff taylor lautner. he has the most amazing abs ever! and hes gorg:)

  9. Sarah Johnson Said:

    Taylor Lautner, Chase Crawford,and Zac Efron… I want them now, okay kisses -S

  10. Tyler Said:


  11. cherie Said:

    Ian Somerhalder!!!

  12. A Said:

    Chace Crawford, Zac Efron, Zayn malik and I can survive xoxo

  13. E Said:

    Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Chase Crawford, Douglas Booth and Ed Westwick. Yummy.

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