Ask Gossip Girl: New York or My Small Town?

Dear Gossip Girl,
I need advice! After high school, I want to move up to New York with a scholarship and start my own life that I’ve always wanted–but I don’t want to leave my family. What should I do?


My Aspirational Aly,

My grandmother used to tell me that the worst kind of extravagance was the belief that behind every opportunity was another and another. Hmm no, pardon me–that was a line from Hope Floats. Anyway. The point was:¬†when a marvelous chance comes your way, you must take it!

While you may love your fam dearly, think about what your life may be like if you stay in your hometown: most likely you’ll marry and never leave, n’est ce pas? And then all you’ll have is a Costco membership and zero exciting adventures.

Trust me: the pain of missing your family is nothing compared to the agony of a life not lived to it’s fullest. And besides, your fam is only a jet ride away…but there’s only one Manhattan.


gossip girl

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  1. Martha Said:

    Dear Aly… I’ve lived the same situation but in Mexico (so change Manhattan for Polanco) and trust me… your family will always love you and support you but GG is totally right. Take the chance, visit them when you can, and realize that all that your family has done for you until this moment is for you to fulfill your dreams. Don’t waste those efforts. Shine.


  2. kc763 Said:

    I was wondering what gifts should I give to my boyfriend for any occasion? This always confuses me because guys always know what to get but girls don’t. Please HELP!

  3. Shine Said:

    I choosed Big city, But 1 years later i wanted to go to my hometown, and now I’m at home with my family.

  4. Marie Said:

    Of course you’re going to miss your family and your friends but there are just some opportunities you can’t let go. Yes, NYC can be a bit overwhelming and you may feel sometimes that you won’t make it, but that doesn’t mean you give up. Take the opportunity. As a born and raised New Yorker, I took a year abroad to Salzburg, Austria. Do I miss my family, yes but I after spending a year here I have new friendships.These are my last days here, and I have to say I will miss Austria.

  5. Shirin Said:

    Dear Aly,
    I am kind of in the same situation. I am from Germany and i just graduated. In two weeks i will go to Bangkok and Live and work there. I gotta admit I never really asked my family for advice, i decided to do that and now i got my tickets.
    My family accepted my decision, and I think they are also.proud of me because i took the risks.
    Go your own way. Live your dreams. Take the risks.That is an important part of growing up.
    Be courageous :) they will support you.They love you. Always

  6. Constance Said:

    I have the same situation, Aly! But I don’t have a problem with leaving my family :) My problem is…. I live in Poland, in Europe:( But I can do it! I can fulfill a dream!

  7. Bex Said:

    I LOVE this post! I thought about moving there for so long and I doubted and doubted… But now I’m sure. I will do it. If I don’t, I’ll always be sitting here asking myself: “what if..?” And that’s something I certainly don’t want to live with the rest of my life.
    Thanks Gossip Girl!
    XOXO -B

  8. Sybil Said:

    New York New York New York New York!!!!!! I think I made my point clear. You can’t always stay with your family, you have to grow up and move out on your own! I know you’ll miss them but you’ll still get to visit, it’s not like your moving to a different planet. I better see you up here in New York next year! xoxo

  9. Tayler Said:

    I want to move to new york but i want to live on a farm with horses what should i do

  10. Fatty McBoobyFarty Said:

    Dear GG,

    People are always making fun of my name and last name. They also make fun of my look because I am a swimming monster queen with a robot arm and a wing. I also poop whenever I have an emotion but people always have an emotion so I poop all the time! My name is Fatty McBoobyFarty, by the way and I used to go to a monster school but now I go to a human school where people think it’s weird to look like this. Help please!!!

    -Fatty McBoobyFarty

  11. Ariel Said:

    Dear GG,
    There are these mean girls at my school and they like to be really mean to people. One day they got me naked and i tried to escape from them, but they held my arms tight. They dragged me to my crush and showed him. They also whispered on my ear “tell him or else we don’t let u go or get your clothes back”.i squirmed and squirmed but they didnt let me go while still everyone was staring and laughing. later someone told the teacher so the principal ended up calling my mom but

  12. Ariel Said:

    my mom didn’t know it was those girls’ fault so she punished me by saying i had to wear my little sister’s old diapers for the rest of the day and if i did something else i’d be wearing the diapers for five months to school and anyhwere else! I decided i had to be good now. Later my older sister saw and she laughed. My mom said my younger sister and older sister got to pick my other punishments. It was all to treat me like a baby. And that’s what happened. Tomorrow at school i came home

  13. Ariel Said:

    wth watery pants and my mom thought i peed but i didnt i got water on myself so she said that i wouldbe wearing them for not five months but for the rest of the scool year! And i didnt get to change myself, i had to wear footie pajamas and my sister’s punishments. At school those girls saw the diapers and they pantsed me. I was so embarrassed.

  14. Angela Said:

    I wish everyone would send more and Gossip Girl would answer more.

  15. Allie Said:

    Dear GG,
    I am bullied everyday because I’m a boy and named Allie. I also am afraid of a lot of things. I’m really short for my age. Sometimes it gets worse.
    People LOVE to embarrass me. One time, a boy pinned me down and tied me up naked in front of the whole school. My olde sister walked past and saw. :(
    Allie, the baby boy

  16. Eleanor Said:

    Dear GG, I am having trouble with this boy. I like him (very much, that kind of like that makes you hug your pillow and wish it was him), and I think he likes me back. But we’re in the same kayak/canoeing club, and will probably be for several years, competing in other places every other weekend. I worry that it will be awkward and ruin our friendship and stuff if we get together. Should I go for it or should I prioritize the club (that I love)? XOXO, Eleanor

  17. Demetria Said:

    I wish i could live in New York :((( but i’m not even in the USA but from Europe…in future i wanna move in this wonderful city <33

  18. Kaley Said:

    Dear Gossip Girl,
    I could use your wise suggestions! My friend and I want visit NYC next summer, and possibly move there. What are some great places to visit/shop, and where would be the very best place to move?

  19. Christina Said:

    Dear, Gossip Girl I’ve been having some family issues I can’t discuss I wanna get way from it all but in some ways I can’t. I don’t know what to do! I’m tired of getting pushed around, but when i try to stand up for myself I get knocked down even farther! I NEED your help!


    Love, the show it’s amazing!

    XOXO , Christina…

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