Should Katy Perry, Rihanna or Coldplay Perform at the Super Bowl?

Surprise surprise, I’m not exactly all atwitter at the prospect of football season. Rugby is far more my style if I have to watch sports. I mean if you’re going to gather a gaggle of beefy boys on a field, please put them in short shorts, n’est ce pas? But, it seems that Katy Perry, Rihanna and Coldplay feel differently–all three are in talks to play the Super Bowl Halftime show in February!

Rihanna Christian Dior Cruise 2015 Show - Runway

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My vote is for Katy Perry. No, she cannot sing live and yes Rihanna definitely can, but have you seen a RiRi show? She spends the entire time lip synching and patting her crotch and looking like she’s just dying to be somewhere else. No costume changes. No dance moves. Total boredom from both her and the audience. K.Per may desperately need a backing track but at least she’ll bring some lively energy.

Katy Perry President Obama And The First Lady Host "A Celebration Of Special Olympics And A Unified Generation"

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And I’m not sure what dullard normcore old person nominated Coldplay but please go back to your Prius and book club, thank you. I can’t think of anything less entertaining than Chris Martin’s squeaky vocals. Why, if he hadn’t just uncoupled from Gwyneth Paltrow, I doubt he and his band would still be on anyone’s mind.

Chris Martin Visits "The Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show"

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But here’s an interesting caveat–apparently whichever artist is chosen must pay the NFL a portion out of their tour profits because the halftime show is just such an incredible publicity opportunity! I’ve never heard of something so ridiculous. Does the league actually think that Katy, Chris and RiRi need more publicity?

So let’s take a vote minions: which artist would you like to see rocking the Super Bowl halftime show this winter?


  1. jazmin Said:


  2. taylor Said:

    I saw KATY PERRY live in July & she killed the stage, such a performer with amazing vocals.

  3. Savannah Said:

    Katy Perry!!!!

  4. William Said:

    KATY PERRY (this vote is for my niece Lily)

  5. Seriously? Said:

    Are you joking? Coldplay is one of the biggest bands in the world and a huge part of that comes down to their amazing live shows. Katy and Rihanna can stick to there poppy arena shows and Coldplay can do what they do best.. selling out entire stadiums in minutes

  6. Brice Said:


  7. chritina Said:

    Katy perry!!!

  8. Nicoline nissen Said:

    Girl don’t even start!!! Coldplay is the best <3 and they would totally start a party in the super bowl arena

  9. Shay Said:

    so Coldplay!

  10. Llille Verullashvilli Said:


  11. Llille Verullashvilli Said:


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