WTF Alert: How Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag Blew $10 Million!

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s the newly rich. Well fine I hate a lot of other things, but new money is definitely in my top three. Why darlings? Because they’re just so tacky in the way they flaunt their “riches” (please, the interest on my trust fund alone puts their net worth to shame) and conspicuous spending. Case in point: Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag.

The Hills villains are opening up about how they managed to blow through $10 million in just a few years, and are now, as they say, eating from Mexican food trucks or cooking at home.

I’d rather be in my grave.

heidi spencer


“We were immature and got caught up,” Spencer admitted. “We thought were were Jay Z and Beyonce. Every time we’d go out to eat, we’d order $4,000 bottles of wine. Heidi was going to the mall and dropping $20,000-$30,000 a day.”

Guess it really does cost a lot to look–and act–that trashy. See what I mean about gaudy purchases and gag-worthy spending sprees? You’d never catch an Upper East Sider doing anything so tacky and bourgeois as ordering a six-figure bottle of vino.

The pair will be returning to the small screen (shudder) with a new E! special called After Shock: Heidi & Spencer which will hopefully offer more chilling glimpses inside the lives of these two newly-poor “celebrities.” Can you really be considered famous if you are ordering taco platters out of a van? I didn’t think so.



  1. Alina Said:

    Gossip Girl, you’re a greedy, self-absorbed rude person who thinks everyone should be as rich as you, and if they’re not they don’t deserve to exist. You just think you’re the best. When Lorde sings Royals, I think of you, because you think you’re queen bee, but you’re not, and because of inconfident people not thinking of the odds want to be you, you get to live that fantasy you want to live.
    I’m never going on this sick website again. You don’t even have any facts, which you should have!

  2. Jade Said:

    LOL @ Alina – relax … I sure hope you know that GG is just a character that was made up by awesome writers. This is all just for fun and amusement. If you don’t like it, you shouldn’t be on this website.

  3. Kleigh Said:

    Alina, calm down. Gossip Girl is a fictional character who was designed like that for the sake of the show. (In the end she ended up being a poor guy from Brooklyn, not that that matters. ) Anyways, Gossip Girl gives celebrity gossip now that the show is over. So her point on Heidi and Spencer being broke is indeed a fact. Stop being so sensitive.

  4. K Said:

    For the show? You mean by Cecily Von Ziegesar in 2002?

  5. C Said:

    Alina, Gossip Girl is just a character created by Cecily Von Ziegesar from/for the hit book and tv series, Gossip Girl.

  6. Toya Said:

    I’m sure Alina knows “Gossip Girl” is a fictional character. But I still think the character is rude too. At first it was funny watching her on the tv show, but now that she has began posting about actuall people it’s a little overboard.

  7. B Said:

    Whether or not you have truly watched the show. THIS IS THE POINT OF GG. She isn’t supposed to be nice. Let it gooooooo. Keep up the good work!

  8. E Said:

    I guess what Alina was trying to do is to even make GG more alive than we all could possibly think and she just wanted to post hate comments to GG, just like GG haters as in Cecily von Ziegesar’s “Gossip Girl” itself. Go on girl, i know the show’s awesome and too bad it’s over, and worst: it ain’t real.

  9. Marita Said:

    @Kleigh SPOILER! I have not yet seen the whole show :(

  10. dbbie Said:

    Money doesn’t make an asshole any less of an asshole.

  11. Karen T Said:

    OMG Alina, the Pratts are exactly what this world needs a lot LESS of. Superficial, mentally ill, greedy, selfish, and narcissistic is what Hiedi and Spencer Pratt are. People like this do nothing but take and give nothing. They are horrible people who I wouldn’t even want my children near.

  12. Anonymous Said:

    Oh, piffle. I think the comment by Alina is pure satire. Well done. It fits nicely with the article. All is superfluous comedy today. Except that the Pratts are apparently flat busted. I know. It’s hard to tell from the photo.

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