Spoiler Alert! Rufus Does What in the Season Premiere?

Rufus Humphrey memeLooks like Rufus Humphrey (Matthew Settle) is moving on quickly after Lily (Kelly Rutherford) annulled their marriage so she could continue to be Bart Bass‘s wifey after he came back from the dead. Don’t expect a Lily/Rufus reunion in Season 6. Turns out he’s going to do something to prove he’s moved on (or that he’s trying to make his ex jealous…)

According to Michael Ausiello of TV Line, Rufus is going to sleep with someone else in the first episode of Season 6 (October 8, 9/8c!) See his spoiler below:

Considering who Rufus schtups in the premiere, I hold out little hope for a reunion. Granted, Lily is now with Bart but still.
We’ve heard rumors that Ivy Dickens will kiss Rufus in an upcoming episode. Do you think it could be her?! Were you hoping that Rufus and Lily would get back together in the final season or are you happy to see him on to, umm… new things? Tell us in a comment below!


  1. netti Said:

    Yeah i know it. But i hope still on Rufly reunion at end. Come on they need to come together again. They are meant to be!!

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