Spoiler Alert! Ivy Kisses ____ in Season 6!

Kaylee Defer in the back of a cab

Photo Credit: WENN

Perez Hilton got some major Gossip Girl Season 6 scoop! The site found crumpled up production notes with something very interesting listed on on of the pages. In one of the scenes, it says that Ivy Dickens (Kaylee Defer) will kiss Rufus Humphrey (Matthew Settle).

As you recall in Season 5, Rufus had been putting Ivy up in a hotel, which royally pissed Lily off, causing a huge fight between them, and Lily ultimately cut off his credit card. Some might think that Rufus was just taking care of Ivy — after all, he has a daughter so he could just be sympathetic. But did you ever think there was anything romantic going on between the two of them?

Do you think this is all part of a scheme? Or do you think there really could be something there? Tell us in a comment below!

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