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The Amazing Spider-man

Photo Credit: The Amazing Spider-Man

Everyone knows that without secrets, there is no gossip. And on the Upper East Side, both are a given. The most powerful secrets, though, are the ones that once you reveal them, change everything.

In The Amazing Spider-Man, Gwen Stacey (Emma Stone) and Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) have their own secrets: relationships and identities. The film, which hits theaters July 3, follows Peter (aka Spider-Man) in high school as his super powers are evolving and he’s trying to discover the truth about his parents.

Gwen, Peter’s love interest, doesn’t know that he’s Spider Man. Hiding who you really are, Peter? Tsk. Tsk.

Watch the trailer, play the game, and get more Amazing Spider-Man exclusives at TheAmazingSpiderman.com. Intrigued and want to know what happens in the movie? That’s one secret I’ll never tell (so you’ll just have to see it in theaters to find out.) XOXO

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