Spotted: Prince Harry is a Maxxinista

Looks like Harry is the Prince of Bargain Hunting! My spies caught the red-hot royal checking out the steals and deals at London’s TK Maxx (and no darlings, that wasn’t a typo — this is what the TJ Maxx chain is called outside of the US.) While I have never stepped foot in such a store (perish the thought!), Harry apparently walked away with some shopping loot. I hear he scored a hooded jumper, cell phone cover, and T-shirt — most likely designer brands at TJ prices.

Why the prince would need to save money is beyond me, but I do understand the feeling of a good find (like that time the Fendi bag I purchased was $1,000 off the original price — I had butterflies and bought a pair of Manolo Blahniks to celebrate.)

So, here’s the question of the day, my designer-loving minions: do you think it’s sexy that Prince Harry likes his discount duds? Or would you have rathered see him treating himself to a fine-tailored suit at a VIP boutique (mainly just so you can fantasize about him wearing it?) Tell me in a comment below!



  1. psycho killer Said:

    Gossip Girl, if you grew up in a wealthy family, you should know that brands aren’t that necessary. It’s all about the design, the fabric, and everything else that actually matters. I wouldn’t trade off my Chanel skirt with some skirt though. But a no-brand-x closet is for the fresh-faced nouveau. Namely, you. You know you love me.

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