Spotted: Who Is Jennifer Lawrence Making Out With?

I spied Jennifer Lawrence making out with a handsome man, but before you get too excited, my precious readers, I have to clarify it was all for the camera.

The Oscar winner was shooting her new movie in Boston when she planted one on what looks like her co-star Jack Huston in a restaurant scene. The film (which is untitled at the moment) takes place in the ’70s (which explains that dreadful hairstyle).


The past few days on set have seemed exciting. Besides the makeout-sesh, J.Law has suffered from an almost nip-slip (classic) and has been spotted wearing a neck brace. I’m just patiently waiting for one of Christian Bale‘s (also in the flick) infamous temper-tantrums and things will really start to get get good!

Let’s say this kiss wasn’t for a movie… Who would you want it to be with?

jennifer lawrence


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  1. Talar Said:

    Bradley Cooper <3
    They would make a perfect couple :)

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