Take a Tour of Kendall Jenner’s New Apartment [VIDEO]

Kendall Jenner 2014 Billboard Awards Red Carpet


They say home is where the heart is, but for Hollywood’s elite, it’s also where a huge amount of your money sits. Case in point, Kendall Jenner who just purchased a luxe LA condo for $1,399,000 according to TMZ.

The apartment has two bedrooms, 2.5 baths and overlooks the city from a high floor. The building features a valet, concierge, doorman, heated pool, fitness center, catering kitchen, and wine storage (you know, for when she’s older…), all of which sounds pretty standard for my friends’ apartment buildings in Manhattan during the college days, so I’m not that impressed. BUT. I did hear that KJ paid for the place with her own money which is actually quite impressive. Guess there is money in being obsessed with yourself after all… oh, who am I kidding? I already knew that ;)

Check out this tour of Kendall’s new pad. Is it something you’d like to live in? Tell me in a comment below. XOXO

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  1. kristy Said:

    Wow for that much $ it sure looks ugly….

  2. Amber Said:

    I don’t like it at all except for the big nice bathroom. The rest is so boring and plain!

  3. Sherry Said:

    I like the place just not the furniture.. :)

  4. Kath Said:

    Wow! I like it

  5. Olivia Scarlett Said:

    The kitchen looks horrendous, the rest of the apartment is lovely. Shame you can’t get much better for that price in that area. I hope she has better taste in furniture and art than the previous owners!

  6. Leah Said:

    It looks ugly.

  7. Estella Said:

    Kristi sounds like shes jealous wishing she had that place …wish I had a plce like that wow very nice kendall love it :) forget about the haters :)

  8. Lora Lynch Said:

    I, too, like the apt but not the furniture. Not my style. The bath is very nice. I’m sure it will be great once she puts her style on it!

  9. gwenhardison Said:

    Lovely apartment but not warm and welcoming. More like a lobby in a boutique hotel somewhere. Kendall looks a bit too frigid to be able to warm this place up.

  10. katerz01 Said:

    To all the people that thinks its ugly, no worries. Momma Jenner will send in the family designer Jeff Andrews to warm it up for Ken ;)

  11. ann Said:

    Did not like the apartment it was too cold looking, besides the wood floors all over the place was boring. Some beautiful colorful large scatter rugs might have warmed up the place. The wood floors remind me of pictures I have seen in the 70’s of wood paneling on all the walls. Unimaginative and boring.

  12. Dominick Bundy Said:

    Why would any single person need all that space? What a waste..

  13. yooooo Said:

    You guys do know this isn’t ACTUALLY her apartment. What they’re showing you is a condo in the same building that replicates her apartment.

  14. Initials_GBM Said:

    I like the condo but not that decor. All that open space; yet the decorator chose to clutter it with a bit of everything including bright pink art.

  15. katt butler Said:

    i have always thought kendal to be a class act. seeing her new digs. I know I was right.she is sooooooooo not kardashian. good goin jenner girl.

  16. Flux808 Said:

    I love the lay out. It is very modern/contemporary. Love the floors and absolutely love the finishes in the kitchen and bathroom. However, I don’t know who designed this “model” unit but they need to go back to design school.

  17. Pam Said:

    I love the place. You can really entertain with all that great space. Those two wonderful sofas are to die for! I really love the art piece of the dog head! All you need are a couple of really different chairs to pull it together.
    I could not help but read a few of the comments. The ones that were especially bad I could see their place in my minds eye. lol I can just imagine what you slack jaws are sitting on right now. Don’t hate. She worked and paid her way. Go girl!

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