Taylor & Harry’s PDA Date–With Her Friends!

Spotted:Taylor Swift pawing at old/new boyfriend Harry Styles during a group dinner in NYC last night. Spywitnesses say that T was full on making out with the One Direction fox over appetizers in full view of the 10 other guests.

Harry Styles NYC


After that, Taylor introduced Harry to her BFF, Emma Stone, at the Crosby Hotel. This is surely a big deal to T, who consider her besties her surrogate sisters. Emma hopefully has more of a level head than T and can help her pump the breaks on this romance–while I (begrudgingly) like “Haylor” as a couple, I would just hate to see T ruin another romance with her clingy antics. And bitter songs about them. And constant chatter about her exes. And odd granny fashion.

taylor swift emma stone


Emma, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

Do you think H & T will go the distance? Or will this romance be over in a New York minute once Harry jets out of town?

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