Taylor Lautner is Coming to TV!

Minions, I have good news and I have bad news. Which would you like first? The good news? Fine. I hear that our favorite little were-hottie Taylor Lautner has landed a spot in a hit TV show! Hooray!

Unfortch, the show only airs in England. Booo!

taylor lautner


TL will star in BBC TV’s comedy Cuckoo replacing Andy Samberg. Wait–Taylor Lautner is replacing Andy Samberg? How are those two even remotely similar actors? One is a rubber-faced goof and the other is a smoldering action star. That’s like having Justin Bieber replace Jamie Dornan in 50 Shades–I just don’t see the common thread, do you darlings?

Andy Samberg


In any case, it’s happening. The series is about a stuffy British college girl who married a hippy-dippy dude (Samberg) much to the dismay of her upper-crust parents. But alas, Andy had to drop out of the series after landing a role in Brooklyn Nine-Nine and now Taylor is joining the cast instead, but not as Andy’s character, the titular Cuckoo, but as a “mysterious stranger” who rolls into town.

Confused? Moi aussi, minions.

Do you think Taylor can keep Cukoo‘s ratings afloat or does he belong on the big screen instead?


  1. ana Said:

    “Unfortch”? HAHA! What happened to your incessant use of “n’est-ce pas?” and “may-jah”? :’D

  2. jen Said:

    I think he deserves a chance to be seen on a tv show.

  3. ianamary Said:

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  4. Kira Said:

    Well I am over the moon! I live in the UK so I’ll be able to watch it! I started watching Cuckoo but got bored of it, but I’m definitely gonna start watching it now! I cant wait to see how he does in it! I hope it goes well for him

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