Taylor Momsen, is That You?

Spotted: Someone who looked suspiciously like a Taylor Momsen impersonator at the Marchesa fashion week presentation in NYC. But no my loves, surely this could not be the panda-eyed, stripper shoed teen that we’re used to seeing flashing her lady bits on stage with her band…could it? Why, T looks almost healthy and womanly in this luxe lace gown. Quelle surprise!

Could this really be our fair Little J, all grown up? Or is this polished style just a brief departure until her bondage bustier gets back from the dry cleaner?

Taylor Momsen Marchesa NY Fashion Week

Photo credit: Splash News


  1. Mina Said:

    I think she’s beautiful. And I want her back in GG.

  2. Andrea Said:

    I hate her style and makeup but GG needs her back

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